Can Wyze Spotlight for V3 cam work by itself?

Hi - I am using a Wyze pan cam to view an LCD display that shows humidity, temp, inside my house and inside a fridge. The pan cam does not see (nor do captured stills show) the LCD display well. The LCD display characters look fine by eye and with a Wyze cam v3, but the LCD display is washed out and the characters barely legible with a pan cam. If I turn on a hallway (indirect) light, the LCD characters show up just fine. I know that the Spotlight won’t work with a pan cam but am having all kinds of trouble finding answers to my questions. Can the Spotlight work independently, without a v3 cam? Can I just hook up a power source to the Spotlight and control it with the app (I am thinking no). If I am in the Wyze app and want to view the LCD display, can I turn on the Spotlight and the Wyze cam V3 at the same time in the app (or do I have to go to both devices in the app and turn them on) in order to get a still image of the LCD display with the light on?

Hey! This is an interesting question, I am curious why you are using a pan cam instead of just the v3 with the spotlight that is already working. Are you wanting to use the pan for the rest of the area and just pan it over to the LCD when needed?

Unfortunately the spotlight relies on the camera to communicate with the app. If you have the v3 nearby and point the spotlight towards the LCD that might work. I do not have a spotlight but I think you should be able to turn it on via the v3 live stream page, and switch to the pan v3 to view the LCD.

I am not 100% sure about this though, because the spotlight may turn off automatically when you exit the v3 livestream. If you go into the cams accessory settings you can set it to always on (just while your viewing), but this would be a bit more work each time.

I am using the pan cam to view the LCD display, but have brought in a v3 cam to test the viewing on it. I am not using both at the same time, the v3 is usually elsewhere.
Too bad that the Spotlight can’t be operated independently of a cam. I’d use it to switch it on to view things like LCD displays better. Sure, I could replace the pan cam with a v3 cam but I don’t want to do that (I use the pan cam for its feature of panning as well as viewing the fridge temp LCD).
Thanks again.

That makes sense. Another option would be to get a wyze plug and connect it to a small light or lamp.