Trying to help someone

She claims she bought an authentic Wyze cam for $180 on Amazon. She’s telling everyone on Nextdoor but I know that although the prices went up they aren’t that high. Just curious, isn’t there a thread on here about being careful buying Wyze cams off of Amazon as not all of them are legit?

Is this the thread you are referring to? The price isn’t the same but, not an actual Wyze camera.


I think it is but I’ll take a look. I thought this one though was from some seller on Amazon trying to sell the cam as a Wyze product and it wasn’t. Either way I think it’s best to buy directly from here unless you know how to spot an authentic Wyze cam from a fake one. But that’s just my opinion.

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Al aternative is to order one from Home Depot or go there and see if they have them in stock:

Or you can check Microcenter if you have one near you.

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I just had another neighbor reach out to me the other day asking if she could find these on amazon. I told her she probably could but she would have a lot more security and buying them from an official authorized retailer such as Home Depot or the website itself. Online retailers can get rather dangerous


Does your friend have a link to the Amazon listing for the camera? Maybe they could look in the purchase history?


No she just asked me if they were on Amazon and I steered her clear of them. She hadn’t even started looking there yet she was just going on my reviews and my friend Tim’s across the street. She hadn’t been on the search yet :slight_smile: