Counterfeit Camera?


I purchased 3 cameras (2 pans and 1 Cam) in the past, and I relocated to Europe last year.

I was looking for one more, and unfortunately, cannot buy them in Europe :frowning:
I found on ebay one seller who was selling one for 31$ (with shipment), it looked the same and mention the wyze cam V2 model in the title of item.

I received it today, and the box is all in Chinese, the camera looks the same, but while trying to add it in the app, I discovered that the camera speaks Chinese … And impossible to pair it with the Wyze app.

Do you think it is a counterfeit camera ? Any idea on how to make it work with the app ??
Thanks for your help.


Hi @tilte. That does not appear to be a Wyze cam. Do you have a picture of the bottom of the camera available?

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Of course, here you are … Does it ring a bell ? Counterfeit product for Chinese local market ?

Y’all DO realize that the “Wyze” cam hardware is not exclusive to the Wyze company, correct? Wyze licenses the hardware and writes their own software for it

EDIT: you will find the cam, the band, and probably the scale here:

For example - another version of cam

< >

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That is definitely not a Wyze cam. I would recommend returning it if you can.


Am gonna try thanks.

I didn’t know that, thanks for the highlight and the information (I wish I had knew before, on the other side, the title of item clearly mentioned Wyze Cam V2 …)

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So the seller was mistaken by its supplier it seems, and send me a full refund and I can keep the item, I guess I should start installing Xiaomi Home to use it … Too bad I cannot add it to my Wyze App, even if free, gonna be a pain to jump from one app to the other.

Glad you were able to get resolution. :slight_smile:

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Same exact thing happen to me last year.
I tried to flash them without success.
Anybody have an idea to use them?

Exactly this BUT… the counterfeits which even though are technically the same will not work with the Wyze app as Wyze makes their own firmware for the products they license. So you need to buy actual wyze to work properly.

I get it and I did purchased “Real ones”.
My point is, since I have these 2 fake camera, I feel stupid to just trow them in the recycling (And it’s not recyclable).
I just wish I can put them into good use.

You could try to install the Dafang firmware. At least they might run RTSP.


Thanks for the tip.
This is exactly what I was looking for.
And it works :ok_hand:
Here the link of a exellent video explaning the complete process