A fake copy

Hi guys

I bought a Wyze 2 cam on amazon Germany, but it turned out to be a fake china copy. I’m pretty mad about that because I was looking forward to my new Wyze cam. Does anyone know if you can add this camera to the wyze app and get it running normally? I have tried to add it trough the app but with no luck and the camera speaks Chinese so i can’t understand a damn word what she says.

Kasper, Denmark

Welcome to the community, @kasperwitting. Sorry to hear about your experience with the counterfeit product. No, only official Wyze products can be added to the app. I recommend contacting Amazon for a return and refund.

That’s a shame. Where did you order from? Can you get a return?

Are we positive only official products can be added to the app?

See this thread: Firmware version 2222

This is what happens when I try to add that camera to complete motion capture: