Can't add Wyze cam to Wyze app


I have 2 brand new Wyze cams, and I have tryed for days to connecte them to Wyze app, without Luck, and the same to tur Mi Home app.

My cameras get connected to my Wi-Fi, but not to any of the apps. Nu Wi-Fi is 2.4, and a Linksys Velop Mesh, i have tryed to add both MAC adresses, dident help, what is wrong.

Both cameras is turned blue in the LED, and when i look at items connected to my Wi-Fi, both cameras is connected

Did you follow the procedure for adding them to the Wyze app? (The MI Home app is not for Wyze Cam.)

Here’s the setup guide:

You may have to factory reset them (hold down the setup button for 30 seconds while powered) to start over.

Yess i followed the guide, but my problem is, that the Wyze cams speak chinese, og the instruction the same.

When the caneras scan the QR code, the caneras say somthing, in chinese, i hope the camaras say the right thing. I have them from Banggood. Any way to change the langues from chinese to English or German.

My Mesh Wi-Fi is 2.4ghz

Well, there’s your problem then. Where did you purchase this and what country are you in. It sounds like you have a counterfeit camera. Can you take a photo of the label on the bottom of the camera and post it here?

Several manufactures use a similar hardware profile, but there are differences internally and the firmware is totally different. With the wrong hardware/firmware, the camera will not work with the Wyze app.

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I have no chance to hear what the camera say, have it seen the QR ect, got it as a Wyze Cam from

Unfortunately, @jorn-petersen, those are not Wyze cameras. :frowning: Here is an example of a Wyze Labs V2.

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So Wyze can investigate, could you provide the complete URL to the camera you purchased?

When I go to “”, it redirects to a bunch of different sites. When I google “baggood”, it comes up with" (notice the extra ‘n’) but there doesn’t seem to be anything looking like a Wyze Cam there.


I was wrong, i got them from amazone.
Now they have another name, but read the text below.

Thanks for the link. I’ll pass it along to Wyze for the lawyers to look at.

Sorry to say to you that these are fake look alike Wyze Cams and an illegal use of their trademark. If you can return to Amazon, you should do so.

Thanks, i will try to, and get the original ones.

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I just read that they had new updates for mesh systems

Where did you find that

I have Linksys Velop Mesh system, but setup to 2.4 and 5Ghz

Hi, I have a similar issue. Bought the camera off amazon & the supplier is insisting it is genuine. Link is below:

That’s interesting. The box looks real, but the camera itself is certainly not.

I agree with @Loki. That is not a Wyze cam in the second picture. The MAC address is not a Wyze one, either. It looks like they are running a scam on Amazon. This is why I tend to buy direct from Wyze. I know I won’t be getting a counterfeit product.

Correct, if i had the chance to buy direct from wyze, i have done that, but i live in Denmark, and Denmark is not supported :blush:

Hopefully Amazon Denmark will support you in refund from the seller of this fake WyzeCam.