CAM v3 Not Connecting

I recently purchased two v3’s. One set up and works perfectly, the other will not connect, I have tried all suggestions and I know my Android is definitely on the 2.4 ghz setting. I have many Wyze products (love them all and they all work perfectly and have for years). At one point in my attempts to connect it the camera said “wrong QR code” but it only happened once - all the rest of the times there was no response and it just keeps saying “ready to connect” but totally ignores the QR code I am trying to use from the Wyze app. What should I do?

The only thing I can think of is the QR code on your phone is hard for the camera to read. Try cleaning your phone and make sure the plastic film is peeled off your camera. After doing that, start from scratch again with the new cameras.

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Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately it did not work. After a long time, the cam finally came back with “QR code is incorrect”. I don’t know what else to do. The other cam connected immediately without issue and works great.

Hi. Sorry for the inconvenience. For this issue, please call Wyze Support @ (206) 339-9646, and they can help you resolving that. Thank you very much.


Some things that Support may say to try is to manually adjust the brightness level of your phone screen and try again, use a different device with the app with a different sized screen to display the QR code, make sure your in an evenly lit room (don’t have a bright window or dark area behind the phone).

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