Wyze Cam V2 setup (3rd Camera) QR code incorrect error

I am trying to setup my third Wyze Cam V2 using my Iphone 8. I followed the instructions, Waited 20 second, hold the setup button until I hear ready to connect, then try to scan the QR code, it takes a while but then the camera says “QR code incorrect”. I’ve tried it on my Iphone and Ipad and get the exact same message. I’ve done the factory reset on the camera as well. I’ve verified the wireless setup is correct in the prior step. I have two other cameras connected to my Wyze app and never had this issue. Does anyone know what QR code incorrect means? When I tried on the Ipad it was a new install of the wyze app, so that would cover the delete the app and start over. Thank you

My first question would be: did you remove the plastic film on the camera lens? That might make it read the wrong QR code I would imagine.

Sorry should have included that. I followed everything in the instructions. Yes the film is not on and I do not have a cover on my phone or iPad.

Could be a bad camera. I think you’ll need to file a support request on this.

FYI, after talking with Wyze it was a bad camera, replacement came and works right away.

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Glad to hear you’re getting that resolved!