Trouble Setting Up Wyze Cam on Wi-Fi

I have gone through the steps to connect my WyzeCam via my wi-fi and get as far as seeing the message “I heard QR Code Scanned Please Wait” and tap that message and the camera attempts to connect and starts at 150 seconds counting backwards saying “connecting” and reaches 0 and a message bounces to me Connection timed out. Check current network and try again. Have done this multiple times and have started from scratch to get new QR code and same thing happens. Any suggestions?

Wyze cam toubleshooting tips found here:

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Thanks… Unfortunately I had tried everything listed in that area. I did finally get it to connect. I had loaded the Wyze Cam app more than a year ago and thought perhaps it was due to the app…so I deleted my current app and reloaded the app (apparently a newer version). Then repeated the steps I had been trying all afternoon and it took it on my first try. So yea…I’m up and running. Thanks.


Happy to hear and you’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: