Can not connect my wyze cam

I know this probably has been asked many times before.
I have 2wyze cam black and they do not say connected. I have tried moving my iPad then iPhone back and forth tilting it, resetting my wifi and still no joy. It says ready to connect alright. I have watched the video many times. What am I doing wrong?

It says ready to connect alright

@rblutman Welcome to the Wyze community! What step did you get stuck on?

After you hear “Ready to Connect” were you able to get past Step 4 and enter your Wi-Fi network info?

Also we need to know if you were able to scan the QR code on your phone. Afterwards did you see the countdown connecting screen?

What color is the LED light on the back of the camera? If you have gotten past the steps above you should see a flashing blue light and then turn solid blue.

See > Wyze Cam Setup Guide

Tip: Make sure the QR code is fully visible on the screen. You may have to slide the code slightly up to see all of the code so it will scan.

The light colour is yellow. The qr code will not scan with either an iPhone or iPad. I here the ready to scan signal and the wifi is correct and password is good.

Ok, try the code again and make sure all of the code is visible on the screen. This has been an issue with other users as well. Scroll the QR code up or down until you see the whole code. Then scan with the Wyze cam.

Edit: See this post here for a good example.