Wyze Cam3 Won't Connect

I have three Wyze Cams that are connected and working just fine. I am trying to add a fourth Cam; I hear “ready to connect” and then scan the bar code, But after a few seconds it goes back to “ready connect” and does not complete the setup.

I went through the reset process, held the button for about 15 seconds… Same thing.

Any thoughts?

Do you hear “QR Code scanned”? If not, is there still protective film over the lens?

If you do, try clicking the little eye at the end of the network password line to make sure the password gets entered correctly.


From my experience, having a dark background behind the phone helps. Distance from phone to camera with a V3 will likely work best at a little under six inches (did four new V3s yesterday). Move the phone closer or farther away SLOWLY.


I had to find the right angle before the camera would read the QR code and respond with the confirmation.

You are scanning the QR code from the App? Not sure why you said barcode.