QR Code not working!

I recently bought this camera for my pet. I have had nothing but problems connecting with the QR code. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much

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First, be sure your device is connected to the 2.4Ghz network of your wireless, the same one the V3 uses.

Second, there have been reports here in the forum that some iOS users have trouble with the scan because their iOS UI settings enlarge the text and related graphics for a easier viewing experience. This is something you can adjust. Click the post below and follow the steps to see if that is causing your problem:

I had trouble a few times with mine, but it helped when I moved the cam a little further away. Try different distances and see if that helps.

Try diffrent distances, diffrent brightneses, try rotating the phone, and if it still doesn’t work take a screenshot and print it out. Keep in mind the QR codes expire, I think it’s 5 minutes? Or more?

In addition to all the good recommendations above from great community members, just in case it applies to you, if you are trying to use forced dark mode on your phone, it interferes with the QR code and will never successfully set up. You will need to terminate forced dark mode, and reload the app in regular mode during setup of the cam. After the cam is setup, you can re-enable forced dark mode.

If all the above suggestions are not resolving your issue, please contact support:


Hi thanks for your email. I have no idea what forced dark mode is. I have no idea where to look for that. I don’t think my phone is in that mode. Again I have tried so many times and I’m very frustrated as I need to be able to see my new puppy while I’m at work. The number that’s given appears to be a long distance charge as I am in Canada. . Do you have an 800 number? Or somebody able to call me? I am off for the next two days so we’ll be able to take the call at any time.

Thank you:)

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Did you try anyone of the above suggestions such as rotation?

If you go to the link above and click on help center or just click on this link:


Then click on click on where it says “Contact us”

It will pop up a chat box. Tell the chat box what your problem is, and if you go through that, you can type “Human” then select to either Create a ticket or chat with an agent.

Sometimes if you click “Talk with an Agent” after normal business hours, then it will give you an option for email too:

No phone calling necessary.


Didn’t know you could type human, I always fought with it for 5 mins til it gave the option :rofl: