QR code not scanning, how do I get it to scan?

QR code not scanning. How do I get it to scan camv3

Hey! Try rotating your phone, adjusting brightness, and make sure you dont have a forced dark mode on your phone. Worst case, print it out and scan it on paper. note the code expires

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I did all that, except printing it, I did try scanning the code that is on the box to. I used camera light to light up the QR code.

Is my camera supposed to come up.

It says scan code in setup, but just shows a picture of an example code.

Right after setting up Wi-Fi network, it says scan code. But my camera on phone does not come up, does it scan it blind, I am using an iphone12

Oh, your supposed to scan the code on your phone screen with the camera

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So hold the cam up to your phone screen

I went out of app, used cam, did not work.

Camera on phone does not come up when Wyze installation app gets to scan code, just a check box below asking is it said code scanned.

Thank you for the help

It’s not working, won’t scan code, I wanted to thank you for the help, but still not working. Can’t get it to scan code, weird

Did you take a screenshot of your phone and print it out?

No, under settings for Wyze app on my phone it doesn’t even have an option set up for the app to use me camera on my phone,

The camera never gets turned on to scan the QR code when the Wyze app says to scan the code.

Ok, let’s start over.

Hit the plus + in the Wyze app, and select the cam. Go through the process. When you get the the QR code step, point the plugged in Wyze camera at your phone screen. It will say “QR code scanned”

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Are you by chance using forced dark mode of any kind?
If so, that’s known to cause an issue with QR codes and the solution is to undo forced dark mode then set up the camera then you can re-enable forced dark mode again.

Got it, I was trying to scan code on cam with phone camera.

When I was supposed to scan code on Wyze application, with the Wyze camv3, I feel like an idiot.


Did it work! It can be a little confusing

It scanned the code, yes it worked, just have to get it connected now. Thank for all the help

I’m glad you figured it out

Glad you got it! Please mark my post as solved so others can quickly find it!

Thanks for the help, I got it to scan.

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I moved the solution tag to the reply which mentioned the correct procedure of using the Wyze camera to scan the QR code that gets presented on the phone screen with the Wyze app. :slight_smile:



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