QR Code Scanning Improvements (device setup)

The QR Code generated during cam setup fails to scan in some instances. A quick search of the forum will find many instances and the app has a troubleshooting section on it, with a video. It mentions several things including holding the QR Code upside down. None of this helps and some users have returned the cams. I had replacements sent (thx Wyze). Still did not work.

I had taken screen shots of the codes and sent to Kenneth Rankin/Wyze Support. He immediately spotted the bottom of the QR Code was cut off. At least on some phones, the code window can slide up/down. When first generated the code is down and needs to be slid up for scanning to work. Yes, this could be considered user error, but not everyone uses QR Codes daily.

So two wishes:

  1. Fix the app so the code is in a static window and avoids the confusion.

  2. In the interim, edit the troubleshooting section to mention “sliding” the QR Code up to full view.

Agreed. Code scan works very well but full visibility varies from device to device. Editing/Fleshing out the instructions and/or ’ framing’ the code to make your point would be a good idea.
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Hadn’t thought about voting for myself. Thought only politicians did that.


The QR code not scanning has caused me to return multiple Wyze cams after hours and hours of frustration when the video tips do not work. Since the QR code is needed to reset the device, which is the solution for 99% of issues that arise, it’s an ongoing issue.

We need an alternate way to connect when the QR code doesn’t work. This can easily be done through a typed in code.

Nothing matters if you can’t use the device to begin with.


Welcome to the forums! Sorry about the problems! I don’t know what you have tried but here are some common troubleshooting pointers provided to folks having this issue:

Like stated above,make sure the whole QR code is visible in the screen by swiping up.
Camera lens smudged or dirty, still have the protective cover on it?
Try a different screen brightness, or try a different device.
How complex is your wifi ssid and password? The more complex those are the more complex the qr code appearance will be. Maybe the camera is having an issue reading an super intricate QR code.
I’ve heard folks taking a screen shot and printing out the image of the qr code then try and get the camera to read from that.
Triple checking that your using the Wyze cam to read the qr code from your phone screen? (Sometimes folks get it backwards).

Hope there is something here that you haven’t tried and will help this issue if you still interested in getting these up and running.

I’m having to return my third one because of this.

Try taking a screen shot of the QR code and post it. That was how mine was discovered to have a piece missing due to the ability to “slide” the QR up/down. Yours may be a different issue, but at least this way you can show your QR code is good.

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So frustrating. It’s a perfectly fine main option, but to not have any alternative is infuriating.


So while waiting on hold I decided to try registering the camera with an iPad instead of iPhone. After finally getting app installed on iPad on support person came on and we did the same checks that you see in the support forums but he agreed I should try the iPad. Sure enough, iPad worked and I registered both cameras, where previously I couldn’t with iPhone.

I did register two cameras before with my phone but who knows……

Future cameras and device have QR codes on device instead of us scanning QR code

I would like for future wyze cameras to have a QR code on the device somewhere , where we can scan the QR code instead of having to scan the QR code with the cameras .

They are awful at scanning the QR codes , if we scan the QR code on the device it’ll be wayyyy quicker . Food for thought…

The QR code identifies your WiFi network to the Cam, so your idea would not work. The QR code is generated after selecting your network. Since there is no physical input on the Cams, this is the best option.

I’ve had Eufy and Ring devices before and they’ve put the QR code on the device . When setting up the device , you have to scan the QR code on the back of the device

It’s possible , and it works . So much better than trying to scan the QR code with a wyze camera for 20 minutes .

Look at how many people have issues trying to scan the QR code with their wyze cam and tell me it wouldn’t fix the issue by scanning the QR code from the device :man_shrugging:t4:

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I, like many others have spent too many hours trying to scan the QR Code. Not worth the aggravation!!! And with no support o er the weekend. It a purchase FAIL. Returning it tomorrow.