QR code fails scan

any new advice on getting the QR code to scan? i did all the usual; dim the screen, try angling the screen, various distances, wipe the lens, factory reset. nothing helps.


You may have to hold the button down for about 10-15 seconds and reset the camera. Try that and see if it picks it up.

i did and it didn’t help- but thanks!

wow! some luck has come my way :rofl:

Sometimes turning the brightness up and moving the phone away helps too as well as minimizing the backdrop.

Also, might seem silly, but make sure the film that is over the lens when the camera ships is removed. Sometimes it’s hard to tell it’s there.

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interesting, i figured that turning it down would be better. now i’m having problems trying to get it to connect; any suggestions? this is the first connection problem i’ve had since setting up three other cameras.

Is there a SD card in it?


Are there any light on the back of the camera?

it’s a pan so the light’s on the front.

Have you looked at this article?


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i have, thanks.

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Are you still having an issue?

yes. basically, i couldn’t get it to scan; then i finally got it to scan but not connect to wifi. now i’m back to not getting it to scan.

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Hmm. May have to exchange it. I’d keep trying a bit longer.

For the WiFi connection, were you next to the router.

yeah, 10’ from it.

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I’m having the same, new Pan, won’t scan. Followed every support article, both in app and out of, Here and elsewhere. No dice. Any new ideas?

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Some folks have taken a screenshot of the QR code on their phone’s screen, displayed it on another device (computer) and pointed the camera at that.

No dice. Tried on both monitors, large to small. No difference. I try and scan, voice glitches out, the usual nothing else.

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