Firmware version 2222

so i just got my 6th wyzecam and its reporting its firmware as 2222.

says current version is 2222 and latest version is also 2222.

all my others are

Same here 1 of 12 cameras, it also reads wi-fi strength: not supported and won’t work with complete motion capture.

There is also the option missing to show the Wyze watermark.

This one was bought on Amazon Canada but I never checked them each time they came in so I have no idea WHICH order.

Knock off camera?

I too have a new cam current firmware 2222 and I’m not able to use it for continuous recording. Lame.

i didnt notice the wyzo logo thing, but just checked and it is indeed missing on mine.

i bought a 2 pack off amazon, both identical apart from firmware, so i’m not convinced its a knock off.

maybe loaded with wrong firmware at factory.
the factory in china could be selling them to other people with wzye removed and got the batches mixed up.
so those knock offs arent actually knock offs.
ive got globes from kmart and from kogan that use identical software except for a brand name.

well that been an interesting half hour of googling.

xiaomi xiaofang is all i’m going to say.

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This is the error when I try to add it to continuous recording:

Wyze cams don’t come with RTSP:

The MAC address is valid according to the vendor 2C:AA:8E also.

These cameras sound like counterfeits. Wyze has never had a version 2222 of their firmware that I’m aware of. Cameras with non-Wyze firmware should not be able to be added to the app. It would be extremely helpful to know what reseller these cameras were bought from, if at all possible. Please also post pictures of the packaging and the labels on the cameras.


Sold by wyze fulfilled by Amazon.

A legitimate camera says Wyze Labs not Wyze and Sold by and fulfilled by Amazon. See below:


In addition to the info requested by @DreadPirateRush, please also describe the process that occurred when you added the camera to the Wyze app. Was it exactly the same as when you added the camera(s) with the normal firmware? Was there any non-English in the announcements made by the camera?


There is a note from the dev team on a similar (but perhaps not identical) issue:

If you see this, please ask the customer to wait about 5-10 minutes and reboot because dev team expects that the camera will pick up the right firmware a little later. If that doesn’t do the trick, please collect the MAC address so we can look into it. They should be able to flash the firmware as usual.


If this doesn’t resolve itself spontaneously, you can re-flash the firmware yourself using these instructions:

If that doesn’t work or if you do not want to attempt that, please reach out to Wyze Support


I actually ordered an additional Wyze Cam V2 back in Oct 2019 direct from Wyze shop website. Just had time to install it 2 days ago. It also came with firmware 2222, WiFi Strength not supported, and no Wyze watermark option. I didn’t check the local recording function since I haven’t installed a memory card yet. However, once installed it asked to update firmware on its own and it is now using version

I just wanted to clarify the possible notions that product is counterfeited or dependent on where you bought it from.


That’s good to know. As mentioned above I vaguely recall something about cameras with the wrong firmware correcting themselves after setup. Must be a QA issue.

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I bought two v2 cameras direct from the Wyze website. Installed both no problem but the second one has firmware 2222, no wyze logo but continuous recording works just fine.

Hey, folks!

I’m looking into this now. If you’re running into the 2222 issue, could you please send a log to us through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue?

Please also include information about if this was the first time you upgraded the firmware or if you had done so previously. We would also like to know when and where you purchased your Wyze Cam. I’m pretty sure that this is a bug and not a counterfeit case.


I did the manual flash update and now have the fully functional v4.9.5.36

  • Wi-Fi signal strength indicator: yes
  • Wyze watermark: yes
  • Continuous Recording: yes (added and working)

Manual flash link:


nothing was different.

its a wyze camera, not a copy, not a clone, not a counterfeit.

it uploads to wyze, its in the app, i can view it.

its just reporting different firmware.

both bought on December 10, 2019 from amazon. one it fine, one is not.

going to do the manual flash tonite as reboots do nothing.

id say this was a factory issue as they seem to supply it to 3 different companies with slight variations.

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My last one had the same thing, I could not update the firmware, it was giving me a wrong firmware error. Waited a bit, then rebooted the camera and the right firmware was there, I was then able to update to the newer firmware.