Wyze CAM ridiculously expensive in Australia?

Is there a good source to get a few of these CAMs in Australia or ship to Australia today?

From what I can see on Ebay and Amazon etc. it costs about AUD75-100+ (goods + shipment) just to get hold of a unit of the Wyze CAM v2.

Am I looking at the wrong place? Anyone? Any good and decent online Wyze retailers or re-sellers?

Thank you.

I bought 2 from Amazon US site for around $100 including shipping to AUS over a year ago. Using them for baby cams currently,

I would like to order more but like you I have found they are much more expensive now!

I would also like an AUS supplier that doesn’t charge the earth!

I bought 2 more in a pack recent in Sep-2020 via amazon. ~AUD75 with amazon prime so shipping fee waived.

Seems like it’s ~AUD 78.

I don’t think Wyze are to interested in non US users. If they were their web store would ship outside the US. It’s not hard.

I have bought mine from the US Amazon site.