Wyze Cam V2 / V3 Canadian Prices

I am a tad confused. In the USA the price of the cam is $19.99. In Canada, it is $40.00. While this is still relatively inexpensive, even with exchange that is almost a $20 markup.

I could technically order one from the US and even with shipping it would be less than the Canadian price.

Anyone know why this is and whether the V3 will have a similar price? It would be nice if it were more inline with the US pricing.

Where are you purchasing your cameras? Wyze only sells products in the U.S. If you’re buying from a store or website other then Wyze, they make the price, ask them.
The price may be more if they have to ship large amounts.


They are purchased through and sold by Amazon.ca.

V3s arent available on amazon yet. The V2s are showing as $40 though… hmmm… could be import and exchange rate costs i guess… no clue… if buying from the US amazon is cheaper maybe thats ur best option?