Amazon USA vs Amazon Canada

I searched for a topic on comparison and didn’t find one immediately.
So riddle me this…

Wyze Cam v2

USA $19.99 usd

Canada $42.99 cad( on sale $39.99)

Exchange 1.40 =$27.99

35% higher on Amazon Canada vs Amazon USA

Best selling " security " camera on Canadian site. Amazons response was they do not control pricing… I find that laughable they have nothing to say, however a 35% over all jump surely has some reason?
Only realized this after selling the whole thing to father-inlaw to the tune of 3 cams and a starter pack… He quickly pointed out he will grab them at his home in Florida when he arrives and they will be V3.

The regular price for a V2 on is $25.98 USD.

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And free 1 day shipping with Prime. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait until he can purchase in the USA.

Amazon higher pricing in Canada is normal for them.

This may be because of the costs to ship the cameras out there.
I can’t confirm any of this, just a guess.

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Amazon is correct: they do not control pricing; that’s up to the vendor: in this case Wyze. Wyze from day 1 felt that they wanted to control supply chain management: both importing (all Wyze are made in China) and distribution. They set up their own website and did their own advertising and distribution. Many people said from the start that they should just sign an agreement with Amazon and let them do the distribution: but this did not sit with the “start-up” business model of keeping costs down to keep the Cameras cheap ($25). To me selling for say $26.50 with Amazon would have given them much more revenue BUT saying a $25 camera meant more to them - like a catchphrase. They did eventually start selling on Amazon in the US: but distinctly second string to their website. They never did have the time (short of experienced staff) to solve the “export” business: and anyway Canadians were just buying off of their US website and picking up at the border (US side) along with all of the other Asian products (hey Apple/Microsoft) that were cheaper to buy in the US compared to Canada.