Canadian price is outrageous

Did anyone notice how much Amazon is selling Wyze product in Canada?

Wyze band: USD 25.00, CAD 100.99
Wyze keypad: USD 19.99 CAD 60.95
Wyze cam outdoor bundle: USD 49.99 CAD 89.89
Wyze cam v2: USD 19.99 CAD: 45.00

The USD to CAD exchange rate is about 1.31. These prices Amazon is asking just…can’t Wyze do anything about it? Really don’t want to wait till Q2 next year to have Wyze sell directly in Canada.

You can try ordering from and ship to Canada instead of ordering from It should be a bit cheaper.

Welcome Taitoufeiguo. I’m pretty sure includes VAT/GST/HST and shipping in the sales price. There is no VAT/GST/HST in the US.

Nope, tax is not included, here in BC it’s 12% extra. I’m prime so shipping is free.

Hmm, didn’t think about that, will check it out. Thx!

All end point sellers of foreign goods are required by Canadian law to include VAT.’s cost to ship Wyze products is included in the sales price regardless of Prime. Both of those cost additions are not advertised.

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