Canadian Store

Canadian Store launched with ridiculously brutal prices. Wyze plug in USA : $11.99 Canada : $24.99 plus shipping. Exchange rate is currently .80 cents. What a rip-off.

Some things are cheaper on Amazon Canada as well.

Well I would say it’s due to import taxes,there’s no way a U.S. company can sell it at the same prices…what about Amazon in Canada

What about Amazon in Canada? I did mention Amazon Canada…

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That’s not even in the ballpark of what an import tax would be on it.

Here’s a comparison between .com and .ca that is more in line with the exchange rate. And yes, these prices include being already shipped to store in Canada.

Its only $10.00 difference
,remember home depot buys direct from Wyze and they are not paying import tax due to there only a re sales, I herd it cost alot of money and government agency taxes,laws,insurance, bonding before Wyze could sell in Canada since they have a warehouse there now…

Of course it’s only $10 difference at home depots; that’s my point. If it was an import issue then Home Depot would be passing that cost along as well. Direct from Wyze they are charging more than double. There are several other retailers that made the jump to Canada and don’t double their prices.
Are you American or working for Wyze?

Interesting, I’m not involved with wyze we only buy and sell there cameras to customers and our service technicians do all the custom installation and maintan them for our customers

I wonder if the problem here is Wyze is sending items from America to Canada, and not China to Canada? No idea, just wondering. The prices are steeper than I would expect.

WYZE has a warehouse in Canada and the taxes,import from the US are very hi…my cousin has a business in Canada and he told me that the inport taxes are very hi,there a Motorola dealership, he told me he told his dad years ago not to do it but he did,for example a Motorola xpr7550e digital hand held uhf radio dealer cost in the United States is $776.88,Canada it’s $889.99 both are the same radio,same box only different is he has the import tax is included from Motorola due to its a resale item…

So I think you are also wondering if import tariffs from China instead of the US might be lower? No reason IMO that Wyze can’t tell China to ship some number of units they purchased to Canada directly, instead of the US paying shipping, tariffs, and taxes from China, and then Canada paying shipping, tariffs, and taxes from the US. Oh yeah, Wyze hasn’t even taxed or shipped to the end-user yet!

What I herd is all items shipped to the new Canadian warehouse all comes from Washington corporate office warehouse, a its that come from China come on sea containers 10 × 60 to the ports on the west coast wyze has over 4 containers still on ships in the port since sept…its really bad with all the shortages we can see it at the stores and only going to get worse…if your not happy with the cost of goods in Canada then go buy them from another source go get price quotes

Thanks but I don’t think I will be requesting quotes on a $12 smart plug.
We don’t pay more than double for products due to any import tax regardless of source port or container delays, no matter what size the sea can is.

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Using your numbers on that radio and the current dollar exchange rate, it would be cheaper to buy that item in Canada.

The v3 cam is cheaper at Home Depot than the Wyze store. Both have same price but Wyze adds shipping cost, no shipping cost from Home Depot. A big miss and disappointment from Wyze on this that we waited so long for.

Agreed; it’s unfortunate that Home Depot only stocks such a limited amount of Wyze products. An outdoor Wyze plug would have sold quickly in Canada for Xmas lights.

I saw that but Wyze charges shipping and handling,in the US wyze store with $100.00 spent you get 10% off

I’ve been waiting so long to order stuff from a Canadian Wyze store. I have to say, I’m really disappointed with the pricing difference. There was a time when the USD:CAD rate was $1.31 but for most of the year it’s actually been around $1.25. Here are the prices I see on the .com vs .ca stores:

Outdoor cam bundle $60 vs $90 (1.50)
Colour bulb 2pk $21 vs $38 (1.81)
Outdoor plug $12 vs $25 (2.08 - that’s just wrong)
Thermostat $71 vs $119 (1.68)
Headphones $60 vs $87 (1.45)
Vaccum $250 vs $382 (1.53)

I don’t think I believe this is down to “import” fees. Here are some surprises:
Cam V3 $36 vs $44 (1.22 - excellent)
Wyze Lock $122 vs $120 (cheaper in Canada!)

I’m just shaking my head. You have to do better. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of by a company that prides itself on making affordable tech for consumers and I hope this changes soon.


Are those also US vs Canadian dollars? That would figure in too.

I actually have no idea why the prices are different, just another possibility to add to the other possibilities. I’m sure it isn’t one thing. :slight_smile: