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The previous post was literally all about exchange rates and how bad of a rip off the wyze Canadian store is. So yes, the exchange rate was factored in.

Why the price difference, that is ridiculous. 2 pack bulbs US$21 which is CAN$27 yet the Canadian price is $39. Bend over and we’re not even getting kissed, no more Wyse anything for me…Mike

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I see that Canada price is much higher, I would send an email to Wyze direct and see what you get in return

I just did…don’t really expect hear a thing back. One less customer for them to worry about, I despise being ripped off…Mike


I totally agree, 100% tells me that they have no idea what they are doing. If there is any duty, it is less than 10%, (cameras from the US made in China is a 5% duty) usually nothing for computers etc. There is the 13% tax (HST) on everything imported but it’s an accounting wash when sold. 30% is the absolute top assuming a 20% currency rate and that’s pushing it and you still maintain your margins. If anyone is reading this from the CDN store, find someone who knows the ropes (importing direct from China and HST rules) before you alienate all of your faithful Canadian customers with costing errors.

Note that the $122 US lock includes the $25 keypad. The CDN lock doesn’t. If you work it all out with the keypad price of $35+146 CDN for the lock it is $181 vs $146 ($122x1.2 for the US package) or about 25% more buying it here.

My point is, WYZE should just ship to Canada without the headaches and cost of opening a staffed and stocked Canadian warehouse. We’ll pay it if it’s reasonable but most of these prices aren’t. Are you listening Dave Crosby?


The CDN lock doesn’t.<<<<
As expected, no reply…Mike

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Interesting wyze does not import from China to Canada all wyze items come from there warehouses in the United States. I was advised by my cousin that if an American company has a retail store/business in Canada they pay the government a Hi tax rate on flooring there products there

Same thing again, thermostat CAN$118 US price $90 equivalent in CAN $(with current exchange rate of $1.27), night light CAN$31, $US equivalent $26, watch CAN$55, US$ in CAN$ 38. Still have not seen a good explanation yet

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It’s now March 22, 2022 and the Canadian store is half the size as the US site. Hey, Dave Crosby what the heck? I have the door lock in my inbox (.ca) but I need a keypad for my 81 yr old mother. How will the lock detect her with no phone? You need to realise Canada is a big market for you and I really hope you start letting Canadians buy ALL YOUR PRODUCTS at a reasonable price. Don’t rape us in our bank accounts.


Many Canadians

Still no explanation as to why Canuks are getting ripped. And yet another good example, Wyze floodlight US$85 which works out to CAN$106 yet on the Canadian site it’s CAN$131

They would be better off to get the process in place to just ship from the US to Canada. Lots of companies do this. It takes a little longer to arrive. No taxes charged when they are shipping out of state. We might have to pay gst if dollar value high enough but we do ordering from Canada as well. Plus would save Wyse the cost of operating this distribution centre in Canada. We would have to pay shipping but based upon what I see from other companies this amount would be less than the extra we pay now.

We need to ban together and push Wyze to recognise their Canadian customers. Our post is here:

Hey @Seapup, sorry to message you here. You merge my topic (Canada App Store purchases) with another which is awesome, thank you. I would like to know if there’s an easy way to get this message out to Canadians. Or how we can boost the topic.

The only way to boost is to get interested users to vote for the wishlist topic. Users don’t have to be Canadian. I voted. You can also post a link to the topic outside of this forum. Please don’t spam the forums with cross-posted requests to boost.

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You’re bang on. We were going to buy three then realized the rip off. Didn’t buy a single one. Three lost sales and an annoyed customer.

Come on Wyze, you consistently flub on marketing outside the US and you’re risking massive notoriety once it hits mainstream media. So. (1) lost sales; (2) bad reputation with clients; (3) slammed in the media. Why? Why make this simple mistake?

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