App Shop Available to Canada

Would love to be able to order from the WYZE APP SHOP from here in canada. i know there is ways but cutting the middle man would be amazing. #services #cameras #person-detection #alexa

A must!

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I ordered WYZE bulbs through my phone app. A day later, I had not received my email confirmation so I checked my phone app for the order status. Everything in the order was correct, except the country address. It had the US as my shipping location. I logged in on my computer to try and cancel the order, but the order didn’t show up in my profile. I eventually had to phone the Seattle location, because the “chat” line was not a live chat, but a pre-programmed routine. The phone call incurred long distance charges, and I lost money when the refund was given because the exchange rate applied to the refund was different than the exchange rate applied to the purchase.

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Change the app to allow Canadian subscribers the ability to shop.

19 Apr 2022

I’ve recently discovered a huge flaw in the app we use to control our devices. Today I was sent an email, like most of you did as well. The door lock is going to be sold in Canada and pre orders are being taken. I clicked on the buy now button and was taken to ca.Wyze. I realised that I was not able to sign into my account on that website because I wanted to see if having a CamPlus subscription would give me an exclusive deal, like it does on the app.

When I went to the app, sure enough there is a deal, so I added it to my cart and then added the floodlight as well. When checking out I had to fill in my address and CC info. THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS

I could not enter a Province or Postal Code. I chatted with the help desk online and he finally advised me that Canadian customers can’t use the shopping feature on the app. We can only buy from the Canadian website.

I wish I could add pictures of the differences in prices the Americans are getting over Canadians


Please have your web developers allow us to login to our accounts.
Please have your app developers remove the shopping feature from Canadian accounts (its very easy to do) or have the app developers add in the Canadian provinces and allow us to add our postal codes (again, a very simple task).

Please vote for this or can someone recommend something else



How can we boost this topic so Canadians can see it…

WZYE is off my list.
I bought a couple of cameras 2 or so years ago as I liked their story and they seemed to be different. Nope, all about money unfortunately.
Sooo many “upgrades” that screw up settings, no answer to questions and one of the worst, IMHO, is being ripped off because we’re in Canada…
Shame too as the cameras work/worked great but now they’re into everything. Next they’ll be selling womans’ underwear…Mike

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Wyze App currently only displays the US store, which ships products only to the US. However, for Canadian and other customers this is quite annoying. Please create a country-specific store site which allows the users to order products available in that country and to have them shipped to that country. Or is Amazon our only option?

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That way too we can see how much we’re being overcharged compared to the US. Yes, I sound like a stuck record, I’ve removed my self from Wyze anything, only reason I’m replying here, I’m still getting notifications…Mike

try Home Depot on line

Canadian purchases to use on USA account

Tie Canadian purchases to USA account (now that there is a Canadian Wyse .com).

iPhone app - Shop link at bottom of screen

Can we turn off the Shop link in the Wyze i{phone app or have it go to the :canada:Canadian store in :canada:Canada?

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