WYZE Cam Pan v3 Canadian Pricing

Why is the Pan v3 $60 here in Canada but $34US in the States?
$60CDN is $45US so why is there such a huge discrepancy on the pricing conversion?
Why does Wyze pull this with ever damn release?

Duty, shipping and warehouse storage.

They are shipped in large quantities, are only charged GST/PST (which we are also charged) and warehouse storage fees? :rofl:
So they are renting space then?
All your reasons are weak no doubt.

Order them directly from US then and see how much it will cost you.

With a $200 duty free limit I would only pay the exchange rate, shipping, & taxes.
If I order from Amazon in the US I pay neither & it is still cheaper than buying from Wyze Canada.
Wyze only loses out in the end on their silly price hike.