Canadian Prices - Again

What is going on with Canadian prices?

The new Cam Pan V3 is being released released today. Great.
But that Canadian price… Seriously. $34 USD. 60$ CAD.
That’s a 75% increase, way over the exchange rate (and don’t start me on the Wyze Motion Sensor V2).

I really wonder what causing this absurd inflation and, in the first place, why Wyze decided to open a Canadian branch if it actually rips its clients.

My top guess is that they don’t sell enough in Canada yet.
They take the price and add fees I guess. (34 usd to cad => 46$ the remaining $14 difference must be shipping from usa to canada, duty, warehouse storage fee, etc,…)

That’s also FAR from being a 75% increase…

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Shipping and duty costs come to mind. I know, it leaves you with crappy taste in the mouth at he end of the day…

@wyza bit me to it :slight_smile:

According to the review, the new Pan Cam V3 is cheaper than the old V3 in the US, not so much here in Canada. The V3 at Home Depot $46 CAD

Wording was incorrect.
It’s more a 1.75 exchange rate rather than the 1.34 on the currency.

Still, it does not make sense. The Motion Sensor V2 is $9 USD and 30$ CAD, which is even worse.

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