Counterfeit Wyzecam on Amazon UK?

As far as I know, Wyzecam is not yet available in the UK, However, Amazon UK is selling “Wyzecam” on their site at

Either this is counterfeit or imported from the US unofficially.

What is correct? AND when can we see Wyzecam on sale in Europe with full support?


Provided by 3rd party companies not Amazon, £40+ each

They have been listed before & people complained that it was the Chinese version not the wyze version

I ordered from £50 for cam + sense starter kit, took 2 days to arrive

You do have to be careful not to get a counterfeit. That has been happening some. But it’s my understanding that Amazon itself is also selling genuine Wyze Cams through their non-US sites. They are, however, doing it without Wyze’s permission and in violation of Wyze’s wishes.

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