Amazon limit ,only one

I bought 2 of the v2’s in the last couple weeks separately, I tried to buy 2 at once but Amazon will not allow me to buy 2 at once.

What’s up with that?

I just tried and I could order 3. When I tried more than three, I get a message that the seller has limited it to max of three per customer. I guessing it’s because inventory is not sufficient yet.

That doesn’t make sense ,why can I only order one at a time ,I’m not getting jacked up about it, I just Wander what’s the deal.

Inventory is sufficient for you to order 3 But not for me to order 3 ?

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Maybe they do it different for prime vs non-prime.

I am a prime member ,Curious , what’s the difference are you a prime member?

Yes, I’m prime too. Very strange that it will allow me 3 and you only 1. Also, the Pan seems to be unlimited.

I also purchased a pan cam that just got here yesterday ,That was fulfilled by Wyze cam ,not fulfilled by Amazon .

It took a few days to get here but that is understandable from Washington to Michigan .

Funny thing is ,now , I just ordered a v2 from Wyze Cam, (directly) a few minutes ago , and used Amazon pay to pay for it ?


I buy mine from Wyze. Why let Amazon skim most of the profit. Let Wyze have the profit to continue to develop great stuff, or pocket the profit for the great work already done. I’m not much of a social activist, but am sure Wyze doesn’t have the awful sweatshop fulfillment centers that Amazon does. Even if total is more in the end I will always buy from the Wyze website.

“I buy mine from Wyze”

Good point , I’ll buy mine from Wyze from now on

I also ran into this same problem today. I am a Prime customer and could only purchase 3 cameras. Searching the web I found this forum. Then I discovered they are $5 cheaper here directly from the manufacturer and could buy more. Will shop here for them from now on. I am building a 5 camera system and may need 8 total later. At the savings here, I will save at least $25.

Wyze has the 32GB MicroSD cards at a good price too

Augh, nevermind. The shipping here makes it almost a wash.

$6.99 and free shipping at NewEgg for the next 7 days if you like.

Team 32GB microSDHC UHS-I/U1 Class 10 Memory Card with Adapter, Speed Up to 80MB/s (TUSDH32GUHS03)