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I don’t believe they are making money on shipping, I think it is more the fact everyone is spoiled on the shipping that Amazon and other huge names offer.

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I am a logistics consultant specializing in transportation costs. In general, shipping costs increase by weight and distance. Lightweight items (several ozs in weight per item) sold by Wyze add very little incremental cost with each additional item added to the order. Wyze increases shipping charges to customers by 100% for each item added, while the cost to Wzye might increase 10% - that’s a huge markup. While it perfectly legal, it’s a deliberate business policy to profit on shipping which is not consumer friendly. Maybe the engineers at Wyze are great at building products but lousy at logistics. Happens all the time.

Sure Amazon has the lowest logistics costs on the planet due to really smart systems and economy of scale, but the practice noted above has nothing to do with Amazon’s efficiency. Wyze is capable of changing its practices, but it will eat into their profits.
So meanwhile, we pay more for shipping which increases the “delivered cost” of Wyze products.

See below

Nothing to do with efficiency. It’s a business policy. See my more detailed response below

Cameras are $20 from Wise $30 from Amazon
It’s a 30% increase in price from Amazon

I Loooooooovee Wyze products and support them, but they’re not gods. It’s OK for Wyze to fail at some things like logistics. Their current policy implemented on their website is considered “consumer unfriendly” in logistics. Why? Well, smart consumers know better now, This isn’t 1990 when shipping costs were routinely passed on as disproportionate increases in quantities ordered. Even if Wyze is paying a 3PL to fulfill their orders and passing this costing structure on, then Wyze is getting ripped off and passing it onto us. This does not promote goodwill for savvy consumers.

That was a very interesting post and it gives me cause to think again about whether or not Wyze is using shipping prices to increase their bottom line.

Although they are probably not the only company that does that it would still dampen my enthusiasm for them if I found that it was true.

I think they will eventually get a handle on their logistics, but until that happens we are stuck with a bad policy on shipping charges and unfortunately, Wyze goodwill takes a hit even if they do everything else correct. Thats the beast of logistics and they will need to tame it. Bad logistics can kill a great company

Last I checked Wyze was a “For Profit” company. In my own humble opinion they provide a great deal of bang for my buck. I have bought all my cameras from Amazon so far but only because I like instant gratification and I don’t mind paying for it. I honestly have not found another camera that does what my Wyze Guys do at anything even close to the price point. There may be some out there, but combine the value of these plus an aggressive and very active development team and Wyze is pretty darn hard to beat.

But that’s only my particular viewpoint. Others viewpoints are every bit as valid so you have to make your own choice. After all I really like Single Malt Whiskey while my brother prefers Blends (shudder) but hey, its his money and his taste buds.

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Where do you get your numbers from? I know V2 cams the cost is less per cam for shipping until you reach the magic number 7.

Agree. They can charge as much as they want for their shipping and their products. The market decides whether it’s a “good” deal. In the realm of online commerce, its not considered consumer friendly and irks those who understand what’s going on. I’ll continue to buy Wyze, but see this as a possible red flag. Call me paranoid, but I dont like it one bit

I’m in sales. It’s freaking amazing to me that clients prefer to pay more for “everything’s included” pricing rather than show a lower bottom line price with all the “a la carte” pricing listed. Wyze will probably eventually conform to this model, raise prices on everything, and give “free” shipping and you all you sheep will rejoice in approval. I gave up in my career trying to convince people otherwise after 2 years of losing sales because of it. End result is I make more money, and the client is happy I’m not “nickel and dime-ing” them.


Seems you missed the point and no need to call people “sheep”. I think most people here understand there is a cost to shipping factored into the cost one way or another. Sorry you had to deal with customers who didnt get it.

I don’t want to die on this hill so why don’t we move onto another subject less threadbare from multiple beatings???

WHUMP! Sorry it twitched I had to give it another whack.

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Just wanted to make sure it was really dead. Can I stop now?

The correct term is sheeple. Say for a V2 cam shipping is $6, two cams are ~$9, three are ~$11. How exactly is that a 100% increase in shipping costs? Would you prefer they simply increase prices on everything in order to offer the magical “free shipping”?

Look at the accessories…

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OP should go buy a $50 camera with free shipping.