Wyze Email Offers are a lie

I guess you too, receive Wyze emails for deals. I got one today that I wanted to buy into.
Early Prime deal. 20% off the V3 and free shipping with the purchase through Prime. Good. I have good luck with Prime. So, follow the links, select the “Buy Now” on the Wyze page. And trying to go Checkout. Although it doesn’t suggest Amazon Pay, I select that too. But instead of the Wyze checkout applying a 20% discount, it standard price and adds shipping (supposed to be free.)

So, I went through the process a couple of times. There’s nothing that shows “Buy with Prime” to check out so we get the 20% or free shipping. Its sad that after they have now been around as long as they have, and sold as many products as they have, that they can’t “fix” their own checkout to honor what the front page says, eh? Very sad.
Nope, they are not going to herd me down the false path.
And I really do like Wyze, but I won’t play this game.
Yes, it pisses me off enough to post that they lie, if their own emails, website, notices, and checkout doesn’t honor the “deal”.

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Yeah, I got the add, looked at the V3, $28.78 all colors, went to WYZE and it is still the regular price and it automatically ads 2 cameras, you have to change the 2 to 1. Bull :poop: :poop: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If you click on buy with prime it list 2 cams automatically… I don’t trust the statement at the bottom. :laughing:


I felt frisky so I tried it out- the 20% is calculated at checkout so with tax one V3 cam is $31.60. I removed the check box for the “Free” Cam Plus so I don’t get it and start getting a monthly bill for CP. I already have CP on 5 cams, I just wanted this V3 for a spare.


I was going to grab a cam or two in this promotion as well. Thanks for posting that. Glad to see that the discount calculations are working correctly and applying the discount at checkout as is indicated in the dialog, contrary to the title of this thread.

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  1. Mine did not apply the 20% discount at checkout. Walked it right up to the end.
  2. Can’t adjust the quantity in the Checkout “line”.
  3. I see a hint that it was limited to 1 vice 2 cameras., so I tried 1. Still no discount.
  4. And even changing the qty to 1, they add shipping cost.

And even if its limited to 1 per, what real difference does that restriction make unless they say "first 100 or 10,000.,000 customers that purchase? Answer: None, Makes no difference as it is highly unlikely that 100% or even 50% of all Wyze existing or new customers are going to be more an 2? Those kinds of “limit of 1” are not useful when it pisses off your existing customers.

Except for when there are limited quantities available and it infuriates even more Wyze customers when they run out 30s into the sale because some back alley peddler buys 1000 units to resell for a markup on some no name garage sale flea market website like Marketplace or eBay.

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I just took advantage of the Prime Days deal and ordered the VDBPro at the promotional 32% off along with some more plugs.

The email link took me to the Wyze Web Store in my browser, I selected my items, used the blue “Buy With Prime” link (not the Add to Cart link), and proceeded to the Buy With Prime Checkout (little blue floater button in the lower right). It applied the discount as promised prior to finalizing the purchase and after paying with Prime by clicking the blue Prime “Place Order”.

And, I wasn’t even signed into the Wyze Web Store. Because it automatically linked to my Amazon Prime account email, which is the same, it all went thru lickety split. And the shipping was free.

Before Paying:

After Paying:

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Well, I’d still buy a couple of backup cams if I could. But still can’t. I tried what worked for you. When it takes me to the store, there’s no blue Buy with Prime. There is white letters “Buy with Prime”, but its not a link. There’s only Buy Now with blue background. Going there, just takes me to the store so I can select 1 or 2 white or black or blue cams.
AH HA ! Here’s the trick, Found it. If I select 2 Black Cams, I can only add to cart. No Buy with Prime. But if I change that selection, the Add to Cart changes before my eyes to Buy with Prime. So, they are forcing a limit of 1 to get the Buy to Prime. (However, I select one, and it take me to a Wyze Cart where 1 is selected. I can increase the count, so I did. Now have two. No discount shows. Now continue to checkout. It pops up an Amazon window verifying my account login, and proceeds. Now I get a final screen, where the discount shows, and tax is added. Also shows on this page that I am paying with Prime and free shipping. A note at the bottom confirms 20% discount. So, its clumsy but does work. On principle, worth it. In reality $7.xx is no big deal. Sure took a while.

I did find when adding the plugs to my cart that only the 2 pack was available on Buy with Prime. The 4 pack was not and gave me the same disappearing “Buy with Prime” button.

My conclusion is that there is a smaller subset of item SKUs available thru Buy with Prime as opposed to everything available from the entire Wyze Web Store. In my experience, it is mostly the discounted multi-packs that aren’t available thru Buy with Prime. This leads me to believe that the items Wyze has discounted more per item in multi-pack SKUs, like the 4 pack of plugs, Amazon doesn’t offer because their margin per item isn’t high enough. You can buy 10 two packs at the two pack price, but not 5 of the four packs because they cost less per item.

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