Advertised Plug on Prime for $5.99 is showing $11.98

I got the email from WYZE for the plug for $5.99 on amazon prime ( prime day)- I did what it said- " Alexa… "blah blah- I checked my cart and it has a plug for $11.98 - I thought ok maybe thats 2, but no it says one plug… anyone know if thats a typo or whats going on?

Im looking for the discount as well… cant find it yet. Best I could do was 4 wyze plugs for $33.74

Are you signed in with your Amazon Prime account?

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The ad specifically says that if you already have an Echo,
Get a Wyze Plug for just $5.99 (50% off) by saying these magic words:
“Alexa, order a Wyze plug”


It works. After you say order Wyze Plug. Finish it by saying add Wyze plug to cart.

Then check your car. When you go to checkout, it will show the discount. If you don’t want to proceed, back up to your cart and delete it.

It only works once. After the first $5.99 purchase it loads another but does not show the discounted price.


it does not work for me and hasnt, I am signed in to my account and said the magic words, it always shows $11.98 in my cart and shows a “$5.99” DISCOUNT for ONE plug…

I should add after saying the magic words alexia Does tell me “… after alexa exclusive savings of $5.99 your price is $5.99 I’ve added it to your cart, say purchase to buy it now” - but it still shows as $11.99 - I changed to a different prime account with the same result

OK I got it, I guess I misunderstood. when added to the cart it does Not show the discount, I had to actuaclly checkout, and then it takes $5.99 off the order regardless of how many you want – Thanks to those that responded!

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I went to checkout and still shows full price for me. Alexa did add to cart but no mention of the discount.

I think you have to actually tell Alexa you want to buy it now for the discount to be applied rather than check out through a browser.

I checked out through the browser once I finally went that far… that’s when it was applied. I actually was able to place 2 separate orders using my shared account. Both went through for $5.99

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