Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock + Wyze Plug Outdoor deal

I got the email about Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock + Wyze Plug Outdoor Amazon deal. When I click the Buy Now button below, it takes me to Amazon with the Echo Dot only and no Wyze Plug Outdoor. When I search for Wyze Plug Outdoor, nothing shows up.

Is this a true deal or just a teaser?

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Who was the E-Mail from?
I have not seen anything like that.

It actually came from Wyze: Hello.Wyze.Com. Here is the one I got, there is more but I only snipped the beginning page.


I am seeing the same behavior from the same email

I have sent a notification to the Wyze team regarding.


Same here, when I click on it, no bundle.

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Same here. Got email and no bundle on the link. Searched Amz and nothing under Wyze or Echo.

I am glad I am not the only one. When I do a search for Wyze Outdoor Plug, the product does not show up either so there is not a way to manually add it to see if any promo discount will be added.

Sorry about that! The deal WAS real but also apparently very popular and it sold out quickly.


You must be kidding. I received the email at 3.44pm. Tried within 1 hour and there was no Plug.

Given that said, can you explain how the claimed $20.98 (27%) savings are calculated? The Echo Dot with clock sells for $44.99 alone. Add $10 for the Plug becomes $54.99. How much is the Plug go for by itself?

According to the Wyze website 11.99, I dont know if that is different on Amazon or anything like that

So I can buy the Echo Dot with clock from Amazon for $44.99, then the Plug from Wyze $11.99+5.99 shipping. That’s a total of $62.97. That’s a saving of $7.98. That’s 12.67%. Where is the 27% come from?

The discounted quote is based of the normal total retail cost. Rather than what we “CAN” buy either of them for on sale, it’s considering the full retail cost they would normally cost on Amazon when they aren’t discounted.

Echo Dot (4th Gen) with clock retails at $59.99 not $44.99/

Adding a Wyze plug on Amazon apparently brings it up from $59.99 to $75.97, an increase of $15.98 retail. Keep in mind Wyze products sold on Amazon are slightly higher than directly through the Wyze website because of things like the Amazon royalties tax cutting into the already low profit margins…but the benefit is that it includes shipping (whereas shipping is separate on the Wyze website).

That’s where they are getting the numbers from. They’re saying $54.99 is $20.98 off of the price you would normally pay if you bought both of these products off amazon at the full normal retail price…not 27% off an already discounted special price that isn’t permanent.