Wyze outdoor plug on clearance at home Depot $5

Outdoor plugs $5 YMMV


One thing I will say on this: online, my store said they had zero in stock.
I decided to stop by anyway and they had some. I found 1 left on the shelf there, and another one about 20 feet away that someone ditched over by the Indoor Plugs where the Wyze Indoor Plug 2-pack was ALSO on sale for $5 (so, $2.50 each).
So, don’t believe what the store says online, I don’t think these were really entered on the official inventory.

I heard a lot of people say that some of the boxes were covered in a lot of dust, like they were sitting in a demolishing zone or something before they stocked them, and I found that was definitely the case for the Indoor plugs. Everything was perfect on the inside though. :slight_smile:

FYI, another cool thing these Outdoor plugs can be used for if you have/use Home Assistant:

$5 is a steal of a deal for these. I wish my local store had more in stock when I checked.


You see this sometimes with HD but I think its a local thing when they want to clear out low remaining stock levels. I picked up 4 of the last indoor switches the same way, dust and all for $5 ea. last month.

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