Meet Wyze Plug Outdoor - 12/15/20

Wyze Plug Outdoor is here and it’s ready for it all - snow or shine. Preorder for only $9.99 each.

IP64 weather resistance, dual outlets, and voice assistant integration make this the best way to remotely control and monitor your outdoor decorations. :bulb:

(For those wondering, this is our last product launch of the year. :wink: )


The price is great! Great job @WyzeTeam!
I’ll be getting these to use with my holiday lights next year and for other outdoor plug tasks!


Thank you! We’re really excited and are glad that you are, too! :smiley:


Order in…
two things:

How long is the pigtail? it does not say on the page
For outdoor use a right angle plug would be much better to fit into exterior, in use outlet covers

Looking forward to this one…


Approx 6 inches


If this hits home depot, good luck finding them in stock. I predict they will be around $15 at Home Depot. They would be a huge hit.

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Is it wrong to see this and instantly want to buy to use indoors? Two outlets, independent control, and energy monitoring, these are things I would have liked with the indoor smart plugs. Would be great in places hard to reach behind the tv cabinet, desks, etc.

Is there going to be an update to the indoor plugs to enable energy monitoring or new versions coming? Not sure that can be answered though!

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There is not a plan for that at this time but I shared your request with the team! :slight_smile:

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Not wrong to use indoors, they would work indoors nicely for some use cases.

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WyzeGwendolyn maybe you could answer my post from 2 hours ago.

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What I love about these:

  • Indoor or outdoor use (IP64 rated, so rain, snow, dust, dirt, etc)
  • Photocell / Light-sensor! Option to make it automatically run with sunset/sunrise.
  • Energy monitoring (can also set energy consumption alerts and see historical energy use in the Wyze app)
  • Dual smart plugs independently controllable, making these roughly $5 per smart plug with lots of features (and working as an outlet splitter too). That’s a steal of a deal even when used as an indoor plug!
  • App control through Wyze and Voice control through both Alexa & Google assistant.
  • 15 AMP output with overload protection (so it’s also a surge protector!)
  • Improved long-range WiFi connection (up to 300 feet!)
  • Add in all the potential with Wyze rules/schedules and Alexa (or Google) routines (I use vacation mode to randomly turn on lamps and such when I’m gone)

Shipping cost for 1 showed to be $5.99 in my pricing summary or $8.90 for 2 of them, and upward from there of course (with taxes depending on your local area’s laws).

These are among the best plugs on the market at possibly the cheapest price for everything offered! These will work great indoor plugs too to monitor all the energy consumption of stuff while still allowing tons of other routine options. That’s what I’m going to use most of them for (energy monitoring and indoor use smart plugs).

I hope the above helps to answer questions for some people to figure out if it is right for them or not. I got some for myself to replace other plugs since these are significantly superior. I’ll be selling off the old ones.


Yeah I went ahead and ordered 3. Feel free to drop all my different preorders in the same box and give me a deal on shipping Wyze :wink:

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In times when the cheapest chinese trash is 110 - 220 V 50/60 Hz, why your plugs and bulbs are 110V only? There is a huge world out there who would buy them… if we could! :disappointed:

@WyzeGwendolyn I know they don’t currently support this, but can you ask the team if it will ever be possible to consider an upgrade to the firmware for these to support:

  1. Push notifications for when they go offline for X amount of time (other plugs offer this to alert us that the WiFi is out so we can fix it)
  2. Create a selectable option in these to be used as an automatic modem/router resetter. Other plugs allow you click a “reset” setting that tells them to turn off, and then turn back on. You can set them up on a schedule to reset the router every night, or set an option to have it just reset the router when the internet is out for X amount of time, thus restoring internet. This is critical in an IOT system since lots of IOT device sometimes exacerbate memory leak issues on routers over time and require resets to get everything working again. Since Wyze has an IOT ecosystem, they should create a solution for this, so we aren’t forced to use competitors. Currently with Wyze plugs, if you “turn off” a plug that has the Router connected to them, then it’s impossible to turn it back on because there is no internet. With a “reset” function, it will automatically turn back on, even though the internet shuts off when it does. Thus, restoring internet functionality with all the memory leaks gone. (I’ve gone through several different kinds of routers the problem is I have too many IOT devices…and almost no routers support more than 50 devices total, so this functionality is critical to reset every couple of days)

Those are the only 2 missing features I see that others provide. Can you ask about possibly looking into that for some future consideration?


I was excited to hear Wyze was working on this some time ago. However I wish they were able to spec lower temperatures. -4F can be day time highs for the better part of a week in the Upper Midwest states. I was hoping for at least -20F. At the company I work for we regularly specify equipment rated for -50F for reliability purposes.


It sounds like you were one of the hardware beta testers. :wink:

Oh dear, so disappointed that the plug is NOT RIGHT ANGLED! I think there is only one competitor with the ideal right angle that fits neatly in our outdoor protected electrical boxes (up here in Canada anyway).All the others have gone for this easy less suitable option.
Sad that WYZE has followed the others so the plug sticks out from the socket so that the weather protection flap will not close and seal the unit from the elements. :frowning: Note: there is no picture of how / where the unit plugs into the electrical socket.


Why don’t you just buy a cheap separate 90-degree/right-angle plug adapter? There are tons of them out there for really cheap…problem solved for everyone… (Edit: ie: search Amazon…found several fairly flat adapters for under $3/plug).

I say Wyze should do whatever is cheapest and let us choose if we want to spend the extra money on a right angle adapter (I don’t).

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Feature rich outdoor plugs. Ordered 3. If only it had a dimming option…

A smart plug with a dimming option? Never heard of that…usually that’s for bulbs or light switches…I know people use plugs for lamps, but can a plug actually dima light? I guess if they reduce the power enough, maybe. Seems like a smart bulb is more what you’re looking for though…

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