Outdoor Wyze Plug

Any plans for an outdoor plug? With Wyze’s quality and affordability, they would give some of the other brands that make them a run for their money. I know I’d buy a bunch for Christmas lighting and what not.

Look forward to a Wyze Outdoor Smart Plug with option for at least two extension connections. Would be great especially for remote on/off of holiday decorations. Then could control inside & outside lighting with single Wyze app.


Id love outdoor control of deck/gazebo lights with an outdoor smart plug.

Id love to see two plugs or more like Woods Ion with a steak to put in the ground.

Biggest thing Id like to seenit have is power monitoring!!!


I would definitely put an outdoor version to use, deck lights, holiday lights, etc.


An outdoor Wyze Plug would be great!

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Please vote if you’d like a Wyze outdoor plug! And tell us what you’d want to use for and other feature wishlist!

Just moved the item from “maybe-later” to “researching” because we heard you :wink:


Outdoor Plug Use:
Primary use during holiday seasons for powering house and yard decorations. Great feature to be able to remotely control activation/turn-off.

Would plug into outdoor outlet and need the Wyze Plug to support more than a single plug.

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What other features would you like the outdoor plug to support?

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Profile design such that it would easily plug into a typical outdoor covered outlet.


Would love an outdoor version of the Wyze plug!

Would be awesome if it had 3 means of operation… in addition to the manual on/off button and remote control and scheduling capabilities provided by the Wyze app for the indoor version of the plug… add a photocell to the outdoor version for convenient dusk-to-dawn automation.


How many outdoor outlets would you need?

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@Kimj What about a built in repeater? So that if a plug is needed out of range it could pick it up off one within range of the wifi range?

I would use at least 10 Outdoor Smart plugs around my property.

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I would use at least two – up to four

If each plug had 2 outlets, I’d need 4 plugs to start.

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What would you use them for?

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Hmmm. That’s an interesting case. It would be a completely different product to have a built-in repeater though. In effect, it can triple the price or more. But we are working on getting better WiFi connection around the house for the outdoor plugs. It should solve the problem you said. What kind of range from the house are you thinking to place your outdoor plugs?

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They wouldn’t be away from the house, for the most part. Most would be plugged directly into the outlets found around the parameter of the house. We do have an island in the middle of the drive way with a dedicated outlet used for Christmas lights, maybe 25-30’ from there the router is located. I know part of the issue is the age of the house and the wall construction of that time. WiFi doesn’t like heavy plaster and metal lath walls.

I may have used the wrong word calling it a repeater? The Lutron Caseta wall plugs is where I got the idea. Add a plug and it bumps their hubs range out ‘X’ amount.

I have outdoor lights that plug into an outlet that I would use a few of them for. I would like to have some for the holidays when I put blowups in my yard. I could use one for the fan in my barn. I would have a couple extras for backup in case I need them for something.


I think that a Wifi Repeater would be a cool idea for the Smart Plug and for the Outdoor Cameras.


Are you guys working on a Outdoor WiFi range extender?

I would place some as far away as 500ft from my house. However I have a WiFi point in between there so probably about 200ft from the nearest WiFi point.