Wyze Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting Smart Transformer

My wishlist idea is for a smart low voltage outdoor transformer to control my outdoor lights. There aren’t many products that fit this particular item, but I did find one from Hampton Bay that has a 200w (for $99) and another one (unknown wattage) from Ring for $200.

I have lots of Wyze products and was an early adopter of your sprinkler unit and I imagine that you could modify that unit pretty quickly to fit the needs of this one. If possible, I would love to see the unit up the wattage to 300watts have at least 3 independent zones.

I also appreciate that many of your products offer smart scheduling for a fee. I imagine that this unit would have the ability to have manual on and off times for each zone but also offer, for a nominal fee like $10 a year) the ability to have those start and stop times be set to the dusk and dawn times of the zip code associated with the unit. One of the more frustrating things of owning landscaping lighting is that the on/off times vary greatly over the year. In the northeast, sundown can be 8:30 PM in the summer and 4 PM in the winter. I would definitely pay to automate this.

I would love to see this product less than $75. It wouldn’t need any screens or buttons since the app would control it (although three manual on/off toggles would be nice).

Keep up the good work. I have multiple bulbs, three cameras, and a sprinkler.

I haven’t purchased a wyze product yet that I wouldn’t purchase again.

Reads like a good idea. One might even be able to feed V3’s power needs off it.
@bnsinclair vote for it.
There had been an option for sunrise/sunset

but it seems to be gone.

Yes, I bought the Ring one a while back and still haven’t installed it :expressionless:, but a Wyze one would be great!

I echo every [bnsinclair] said here. Glad to see I’m not the only one wishing on a Wyze one.

It’s been over a year since this was posted, has Wyze responded? I have the sprinkler controller and it works great so Wyze let’s modify this for landscape lighting.

I have the ring transformer but would love to see Wyze do this. I am slowly moving my ring system over to Wyze and this is the missing link at this point…

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