How can we use the Wyze app sunrise/sunset triggers with rules?

Like the subject states.
I’d like to use the Wyze app sunrise/sunset (under Account–>Home) to fire off my V3.

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I was informed that this will be a later release for rules and may tie to HMS first. Not sure as I have not received my HMS and cannot use Sunrise and Sunset yet.

However, If you find out a way, please share. :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize it was there. Over a year beta testing left me with testing fatigue and frustration over the product release while so many functions were still either flaky or not yet available. Anyway, I don’t think they made a big deal over this since there seems to be no way to actually implement it within rules. I actually only want an on at sunset and off at my desired time. Hopefully they fully implement it in a flexible way.

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Just keeping this alive - What happened to it? Seems to be gone.

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In the Facebook beta group, they mentioned a new rules engine being slowly rolled out. I’m not sure how they are doing it since I have yet to see anyone discussing the new abilities. I for sure have not seen the new rules so still using alexa to control my bulbs.

Guess it’s my turn to keep this alive!
@WyzeGwendolyn - hate to keep pinging you every time I have a question, but have not seen this mentioned on the fb group for a while an no one from wyze chimed in here. Is it being rolled out or not?

Just checked as I am on the new Rule Engine. Sunset and Sunrise does not yet appear to be in the options for scheduling rules yet.

I’m on the latest beta app and still no new rules engine, rollout is either at a snails pace or has been suspended or maybe they select rollout candidates based on volume of rules. I removed most and been using alexa, so maybe the few shortcuts I still have in the app are not enough for them to select me. Regardless, the lack of info from wyze is frustrating.

They are moving slowly with this. I got on it because of rules issues I was having. I then tested my issue and it was working.

However, you will know you are on the new Rules Engine when you see the Days of the week in a circle like below:

I’m seeing the “circles”, but once again I seem to be bumped out of Beta and am at v2.22.12.

I’d really like to see sunset/sunrise.

Not sure why you are being removed from Beta…

However, Sunset / Sunrise is not available in the Rules area yet. At least, I cannot see or use it.

Do you know if anyone else has it?

I am in Beta with Android and i also have v2.22.12 … what’s the beta version number supposed to be?

I am on Android Beta Version 2.22.16.

I have heard that some individuals don’t see the update until they do a Force Stop on the App and then restart the phone. Then go to the store and see if it is available. I am not sure if this works, but harmless enough to try,

I’ve tried removing the app and reloading whatever the play store will give me, still no luck.
And this is the second time this year that it’s happened.

wonder if you can DM someone from Wyze to see if they can give you a link to the FW? I know they provided me with an Alpha release so I could test something for them.

I don’t think the pulled the app, but that has happened before as well.

I tried this and it didnt work. I just deleted and reinstalled the app and that didnt work either. I honestly would not have noticed until i read this… what the heck causes this?

Not sure why this is. It happened to me once and I had to be a bit patient until it came. you might be able to reach out to Wyze or a Forum Maven or Moderator to find out what the real Beta Version is. if they pulled the version, those that have it installed would remain with it.

The current Beta version for Android is 2.22.16. I haven’t seen any other Beta updates yet.

If you can’t seem to get the latest Beta app version for Android, try leaving Beta from the Play Store. Uninstall your current app then wait about 10 or 15 minutes then download app and rejoin Beta to see if the latest Beta app loads.

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That’s basically what I’ve done, and each time it reloads .12
When I go to the play store it no longer shows as Beta.
Is there anywhere the apk is available?

I removed myself from BETA and deleted the app and all that stuff you recommended and as of 7:30pm on July 12 i an still on Android app v2.22.12 as a BETA user.
@WyzeGwendolyn can you explain/help?

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