Outdoor Plug for Outdoor Lights

So I received my outdoor plug! I wanted to automate these hanging lights on my courtyard. I had them turn on at dusk and off at dawn. However, everytime they turned on, the light sensor thought it was dawn and they would just keep turning on and off lol. I just put them on a regular 6pm to 6am schedule, but I wish it could worked with the light sensor. I guess that works best for other uses.

Any other uses you guys would use these outdoor plugs for?

You can also use the schedule function to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, as this is a time related schedule it wont be influenced by the light sensor input.
To do this select the plug you want to control, tap the control setting and select local schedules → time of day. (for some reason this wont show up as option when you create a new rule on the home screen)

Needs a vertical plug - Just got mine as well and one thing I should have thought about when purchasing is that it comes with a horizontal plug vs a vertical plug to plug into house outside outlet… Vertical would be so much nicer as it would allow the storm cover on most outdoor outlets to close with this plugged into it, vs now the cover must stay open as it extends 2-3 inches out and thus exposes the other outlet on my house to all the rain and snow.

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I knew it when I ordered it and was a bit anxious as well if it would work for me, but luckily it did fit underneath the cover(barely) that was in place at my outdoor outlet. It is a good tip for future improvement though.

I agree. My cover won’t close. I foresee the outlet tripping each time it rains.
Another issue is the outside string lights don’t completely shut off when I turn off the plug. Some of the lights on the string are still lit.I don’t know if I received a defective unit or are they not meant for outdoor LEF string lights?

Wyze got some competitors Products no longer Available

What’s interesting is the documentation included with the product depicts it as having a 90 degree plug. Pretty big miss from wyze.