Wyze Smart Plug with Christmas Lights

Hello. I’d like to use the wyze smart plug to control my outdoor christmas lights. weather won’t be a concern since the plug will be in the garage and the the christmas lights with an outdoor extension.

my concern is: with the wyze plug being at 15A, will it “pop” with multiple christmas string lights and net lights “daisy chained” to each other then going into the extension cord? How many sets of lights are too many for one wyze plug to handle? Thank you.

Are the string lights LED or old incandescent types? If the former, you would need a heck of a lot to get close to 15 amps.

Keep in mind standard outlets are also rated for only 15 amps, so if you haven’t had a problem before, you shouldn’t with the Wyze plug involved.


I didn’t even think of LED/ being a factor. Yes. Thanks. They’re all LED. About 8 sets. And the wyze plug is in a GCFI outlet in the garage. I’ve gone ahead and set it up. Hopefully no issues.

The Wyze Plug is the only Wyze product I don’t have. Does the app show you the plug’s voltage, energy usage and power consumption? I use VeSync Smart Plugs only because I got them for Christmas one year. The VeSync app shows all this info along with Power Protection to turn the plug off.