Wyze Plug in Freezing Weather


Many of us ventured mounting a supposedly indoor-only v2 Cam outside. Some even withstood a test of freezing weather, including my two cameras (9F/-13C nowadays). I recently tried the Plug for an outdoor string light and it stopped working in a few days. I used another brand last winter. The Plug is tightly sealed now so I’m not ready to break the case to check it out yet. The outdoor outlet where it’s plugged powers the said two cameras so there is juice.

Wonder if it’s the string light at fault or if anyone else got their Plugs dysfunctional in freezing temperatures.

Thank you!

The Wyze Plugs are only rated for indoor use. There is a Wishlist topic for an outdoor version of the plug.

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Thank you, I knew that (same as Wyze Cams, right? :wink: ). My question of the topic was to get feedback from others who still tried it, same as the Cams.

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Yep, I understood your intention. It’s my job to post the disclaimer. :wink: