Outdoor Wyze Plug

Gotcha! I think I know what you mean!


I to have a big interest in this. It would be great to have control over my string lights on the back deck. I would just need a water proof version of what you guys already have. Of course the holiday decorations case is another one I would use it for.


Hi friends! Thank you for all your great inputs! We are making progress in our smart outdoor plug development and your comments have been hugely helpful! We’d love to understand more about how we can build a great smart outdoor plug for you. If you are willing and available, we’d love to chat with you for 30 min, about the smart outdoor plug and your smart home in general. Sign up on the link if you are interested, Calendly - WyzeKim. Thank you in advance!


In order to talk to you do we have to have a camera or can you just call me? When I tried to sign up it said “Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation” so I’m wondering if I have to have a camera available.

You don’t have to have a camera! It will be a web call over Google Hangouts, but no camera is required!

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Ok great!

I would love this, with the quality and pricing of the Wyze system it would be great.

I came to the site looking to see if this was already a thing. The software can use a little work though

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I currently have 4 Wyze plugs inside plastic weather proof electrical boxes. $20 at home depot. They work great for Christmas lights, patio, etc.

The issues I currently have with the Wyze plugs are 1. The pair/on/off button on the side is too close to the weatherproof box. I had to pair the plug in the house and then install it in the box and 2. Any light source/ extension cord I add wont let the weatherproof box lid close. If the female end was turned 90* or in a different location you could close the lid. Most of my plugs are under eaves but the only one low to the ground I’ve added some side shields to compensate.

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A new version of the Wyze Smart Switch. Mounted on a stake so it can be placed into the ground, an ac smart that allows several several electrical devices ( outdoor/accent lights, fountains, radios, etc.) to be plugged into it and controlled with the Wyze app.


I’m ready!

Would love to get an outdoor plug for my pool pump in summer needs to be able to handle the amps though

What is the amperage and horsepower of your pool pump?

Its a 12 amp 1.5 hp pump


or just a smart pool controller :slight_smile: i have a 2.5HP and a .75HP pumps to control.

Anyone know of an update on this? Expected launch date? (maybe today - wishful thinking :slight_smile:)

I’d be all over outdoor plugs for my gazebo lights and Christmas lights.

Will this outdoor plug still work if your internet went down but your wifi is still up?

I’m not sure on that one. They didn’t mention of it will or not, I would think no, but I could be wrong.

The new Wyze programmable Outdoor smart plugs are being released shorty at $10. I pre-ordered a few today