Wyze Smart Plug - Energy Monitoring and Notifications Features

Maybe part of Wyze Plug v2 but it would be great if an energy monitoring/reporting feature was included. With possible integration/reporting with Sense?

That would be cool. I’m actually less excited about the energy monitoring aspect of it, per se, and more excited about being able to tie other logic to turning something connected to the plug on and off.

For example, I have LED strip lighting behind my TV. Right now, it turns on and off with a separate remote, which is a bit annoying. I’d prefer it to automatically come on when my TV comes on and automatically turn off when my TV turns off. If the TV were plugged into a plug with energy monitoring, it would be possible to set a rule that says “When power draw on Wyze Plug 1 is X, turn on Wyze Plug 2.”


If only the TV is plugged into WYZE Plug 1, couldnt you just set a rule to turn on Plug 2 when Plug 1 is turned on?

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Sure, but that prevents you from using your TV remote to turn on the TV.


Very true, these are some of the things I do not think of until I am actually trying it out. Sitting at work and posting on the forum I forget about the small things like the remote lol.


In general, the home theatre is where I think this has the most potential. Generally, that revolves around a TV. I don’t have a ton of connected equipment, but lots of people do. It would be nice to automatically switch that stuff on when the TV starts drawing a certain amount of power, and automatically turn it off when the TV turns off.


Hi, I’m a Wyze cam-pan user, and now also have a couple Wyze Plugs.
These are better designed physically than your competitors (which I already owned), however a much loved feature is missing - it would be fantastic if you could display how many watts are in use when ON and perhaps even keep stats of kwH usage over time (day, week, month, year…). This in addition to the hours in use you already track.

I was surprised not to see this already in the roadmap or wishlist (unless I missed it somehow, I’m new to the forum).

[edit] Oh, since my post was merged here, I see I just missed it! Well, I vote for this one!


It would be great if there was a smart plug that measured power as well as

They are available, although not from Wyze at this time. I use the ones from Etekcity.

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It’s truly frustrating that Wyze has not added such basic and necessary feature on this device on its IOT offering.

Are user expected to do deploy a mish-mash of brands or perhaps one should plug an etekcity plug into a wyze plug so that to control the on-off state one could use the Wyze plug then to monitor consumption would go to the etekcity one? No Really… :frowning:

Wyze has the ability to provide most of the items that could be added to a smart home and while there’s always room for improvement, it looks like the company is going completely off the smart home and into the personal health with the scale, fitbit replica, thermometer. And that’s OK if that’s the direction in which it’s been decided that the company should go. In that case perhaps it’d be more honest and open to tell the customers that we’re taking a step back from the smart home/home automation to focus more on personal health monitoring devices.

That would give loyal customer the hint they need to pull away from Wyze products and invest in other brands, including those much more expensive because, while it’s awesome to have quality products at an affordable price, most of us (and at least myself for sure) do have the need to install devices to allow control of home automation and don’t have the luxury to wait endlessly on the roll out of basic features (like power consumption monitoring) deemed to be “nice to haves” instead, as well as products that are needed to achieve complete home automation.

I don’t expect Wyze to be offering special niche products such as IOT appliances, motorized blinds and gates, automation of home entertainment systems, and so on, but at the very least sensor based video security system, power monitoring control.

As far as security is concerned, there’s lots of work to do there to achieve something reliable which would also offer flexible controls like arm/disarm as well as soft arm (house monitoring while home) with solar powered wired/wireless outdoor cams including 360 cameras, video doorbell, wireless switches, dimmers, lightbulbs (and more than just one type) occupancy and motion sensors that can also detect light or could be controlled depending on the time of day (which would be done at software level), thermostats temperature and humidity sensors, high load relays for 240v lines, garage opener control systems to be placed as addons on existing garage door motors… you name it.

It seemed like the company wanted to position itself in the home automation field, but perhaps I got the wrong impression?

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Would love to be able to input cost per kWh to track how much devices cost in energy.

The new outdoor plug that is launching in Jan 2019 includes energy monitoring, 2 independent controllable outlets, and is most likely more sturdy than the standard indoor plug. If the plug will be hidden (or you don’t care about looks), the outdoor plug is a great option.

Update indoor Wyze plug with power consumption / wattage usage.

You know what we need!!! A smart plug that can track energy usage!!!

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What is missing from Energy Monitor? DEMAND or instantaneous usage! Really puzzled why “right now” Watts being used is not displayed? Rather, the energy used is accumulated in an hourly bin. Only as the top of the hour rolls over, do we see accumulated usage of the PREVIOUS hour. Realize that accumulated means if there is a duty cycle, it will show something less than the actual draw (1000W heater working 50% of the time will show as 500W).

Use case example… Remotely turn on the outdoor rain gutter de-icer system, which has it’s own water sensor and temperature control. Is it working? Wyze Outdoor Plug will not provide that feedback until the top of the hour. Request: In addition to accumulated usage, App needs to show real-time usage!

Competitor TP-LINK has this feature for one model of it’s indoor plug module. Works great and worthy to emulate. Thank you for considering and making Wyze Outdoor Plug better.
Energy Display_Kasa|225x500

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wyze plug amperage draw monitoring

I am not sure if the wyze plug has the necessary hardware within the current version but I think a really neat feature would be the ability to measure and report current amperage draw that is going through the plug. I currently use a cheap kill-a-watt device and plug the wyze plug behind it but it’s kind of hack way to do it. Then it only gives me power draw for that device. If the plug had this feature I could use it to see how much draw all the devices in my house are using and calculate energy costs. :slight_smile:


That feature is something built into the chipset and isn’t something that can just be added with a firmware upgrade.

Some vendors sell smart plugs that do energy monitoring and some that don’t, and there is typically a significant price delta between the two. TP-Link is one of those examples.

For low current draw devices, I was a big fan of the round ones Etekcity used to sell. Sure, they were limited to only 8 - 10 amps (which depended on when you purchased them), but they were inexpensive and had good monitoring features. They also would fit in the side outlets of my trapezoidal outlet expanders, where as their newer “stackable” design (more like the Wyze plugs) won’t.

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A plug that could notify you when the device plugged into it draws power.

A plug that could notify you via a text message when the device plugged into it draws power. Would be great for monitoring a sump pump (in my case), And I’m sure the community would come up with other examples of what such a device could be used for. Ideally would have ability to send message when device starts with time, and when it shuts off with elapsed time.

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Craftsman used to have, and iVac now makes, a shop tool switch for dust collection ( and other things ); that works exactly as you describe. It is hardware sensing, is bigger, and no remote control, but it would work for your TV You plug in your saw and shop vac. When the saw turns on (draws power) it turns on the Vac outlet. I have a Craftsman switch in my shop. Look up “dust collector switch box” or “shop tool switch box”.

I just had Solar installed, and a Sense Monitor installed in my power panel. The Wyze Plugs are not compatible with Sense for monitoring power , but some of the TP Link’s are.

I guess I won’t be purchasing any more Wyze Plugs now, as they don’t have Energy Monitoring features that work with Sense.