Wyze Plug support for Energy monitoring

Does anybody know if the Wyze Plug will have support for Energy Monitoring?

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No, the Wyze Plug does not have an energy consumption monitoring function.

Maybe you should add it to the wishlist for wyze plug 2.0 if it’s not already there?


I’m excited about the Wyze Plug, but sadly, while Wyze was working on product development, I added quite a few smart plugs to my house, of varying capabilities. In an effort to pare down our electric usage, the last batch have energy monitoring included, that I can call up from an app, wherever I am. I read the Wyze Plug documentation, but I don’t see this feature mentioned. I can only assume that because I didn’t see mention of the feature, the Wyze Plug does not yet include this feature. If it does, please update the documentation. If it doesn’t, you should really consider adding this. For some devices in the home, it really does help to be able to check on this.

It does not. There is no way for the outlet to measure the current. There is no current sensing built into the hardware. See my video if you want to see the insides.

I do agree though. Many of my other modules do measure the power.

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I currently have a dozen Wyze cameras, as well as contact sensors, motion sensors, etc, etc.

What I don’t have is the Wyze plugs for one main reason, they don’t have energy monitoring.

There are tons of smart plugs out there, but almost none that have energy monitoring.

One that I went with is $19 for two separate outlets that not only have the monitoring but also handle 1800 watts so they won’t blow when using high draw 15A items like window air conditioners, portable heaters, coffee makers, etc and still have nice app support with power, timer, etc. They also support Alexa, Google, but no HomeKit (yet).

If Wyze were to add energy monitoring I would buy a dozen outlets launch day just so I could have everything in one app. Until that day I’ll have to get my smart outlets elsewhere, sadly.

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