Wyze Outdoor Plug Energy Monitoring

The Wyze Outdoor Plug works fine at controlling the loads connected to it but the energy monitoring function appears to be highly inaccurate. I tested it with known loads and the results were all over the place and nowhere near accurate.

I have mentioned it twice to Wyze support, but they just keep sending back canned responses that completely misunderstand or ignore my concern. In fact, I believe my outdoor plugs are WRONG by a factor of x2. That is, it seems to show TWICE the actual KWh usage. They are rated at 15 Amps. I also have it on a 15-Amp breaker. I’m running a 1500W immersion water heater for an outdoor stock tank. At most, that should be 1.5KWh, but recently my plug peaked at 3KWh for several hours. That would translate to drawing 25 Amps @ 120V. So, I don’t see how it is mathematically possible for it to EVER pull 3KWh. Am I confused on my math? I mentioned this to Wyze support, and after a week or two (I know they have been terribly backlogged), the basic response was, “I understand that you want to check and change the usage scale” (I don’t – I just want it to be correct). The tech went on to give a canned response, explaining the purpose of the Energy Monitoring feature. They completely missed my point. I’m hoping someone at Wyze will see this and at least consider looking into the possibility that their code is incorrect. Again, if I’m mistaken, I will happily recant, but I don’t see how it’s physically possible to ever pull 3KWh on an Outdoor Plug.
Here’s a Google link to pictures of my plug in question:

I use mine to remote control submersible heaters for my pond (stock tank). I hooked the Wyze outdoor plug through a Kill-A-Watt. The plug typically says it is using twice the actual power being used. It’s a bug in need of fixing.

I hope Wyze reads your comment. I knew the math didn’t hold up, but I didn’t actually confirm it with a meter. But sounds like you have proof!

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m hoping they can add in more granular wattage tracking like a Belkin Insight plug which can track down to around 2W.