Point-of-use Current / Power Monitor (non-invasive collar-type)

A current sensor for AC lines (120 & 240 v) would be a great way to know when an appliance is on or off.
Laundry washer & dryer being the first topic in mind, also air conditioning and heaters.

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Wyze Plug is currently in early access/beta, As of now it can only automate turning On/Off of the appliance that’s plug onto it. I don’t know if this could be implemented with just a firmware update or they have to release a V2 of the plug.

I suppose the Wyze Plug could be improved to know if there is a load being sent through it.
I’m thinking more of a simple collar to go around any device’s power cord, especially 220 for washers and similar.
See: https://amzn.to/2MDWHyr

It has to go around only one of the wires in the cord, you can’t just snap these around the whole cord, the hot and neutral fields negate each other. That’s why the amazon item you linked to shows it going around the wires in the breaker box. There are low cost versions of these, but they are not generally internet enabled, However, with a bit of work and some extra parts, you can build one yourself.

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a dryer sensor something like this.


My thought is to use a snap-on AC current sensor like this

which generate an electrical output, and use this to drive a DC electromagnet, which in turn would trigger a Wyze contact sensor. (The Wyze contact sensors are triggered by the proximity of a small magnet.)

In our neighborhood every house has a main breaker next to the electric meter. The most common method of robbery is to turn off the main breaker and see if someone reacts to the loss of power. Sometimes the robber only waits a few minutes and sometimes they come back tomorrow if they think that this is a vacation house. Since I have a UPS power does not immediately fail for the camera and there is still time to send a message for the power failure. It would be nice if this time was variable since different people have different requirements for the short power failures. If the Wyze camera were battery powered that would be an option.

Sounds like a great use case for the soon to be released Wyze Battery Powered Outdoor Cam to monitor the outdoor main electrical circuit breaker!

This brand has been around for years, if you are interested, it would be hear to hear what might be of interest to you. for the reason of asking Wyze to review some of their features for potential future products. Lots of items posted here this company has done over the years.

What brand are you referring to?


Wyze is in a perfect position to develop some power meeting sensors. These could be small features added to the remote outlets and some independent sensors that could be plugged into a breaker panel.

I would really want to be able to measure power over time to try and adjust how much energy I am using and be able to look at power throughout the day.

It would be nice to also be able to monitor power factor and the power on each leg of the 240V center tap.

Something like this could eventually be combined with other products to reduce power usage to keep a system within the capability of a solar system or generator during power outage, avoid using too much power during peak times, etc.

I too am looking for a Home Energy Monitor that would attach to the breaker panel and provide details on energy use throughout the day and ideally, show me how much power is being drawn by individual major appliances & systems. I would like to be able to buy one with the Wyze name on it.

Develop (CT) current transmitter integration

Could WYZE consider developing current transmitter integration? Perhaps a device that works on the WYZE sense network and lets users know when it senses electric current (or lack of it) in electric circuits. This would be a great add to appliances like washers and dryers sending a notification when the laundry is done. Just clip the CT donut around the appliance cord and link it to the network.

I noticed this from a couple years ago. Can the Wyze plug still not monitor energy flow? It is always tempting to stick a Wyze cam in the laundry room but seems like overkill to see if the laundry is done.

Wyze Plug doesn’t monitor usage. Wyze Plug Outdoor does monitor. Please vote for this wishlist topic to get Wyze Plug usage stats: