Washer and Dryer Sensor

I would love to see some kind of affordable smart sensor that we could attach to our washer and dryer that would let us know when the clothes are done by sending out a notification to our phones. I have a dumb washer and dryer that have actually been great to me but I really wish I could have them automatically tell me when they are finished without me having to remember to set timers on my phone every time.

While you’re waiting for these sensors you could point a camera at them so you could at least see what they’re up to. :slight_smile:


Yup, I’ve one pointed at the laundry. Plus then I have coms if someone is down there doing laundry and they need to talk to me (like my son asking where is the fabric softener).

Yep, I thought about that too. Unfortunately my washer and dryer are located in my downstairs bathroom, which is used regulary by my guests and mother-in-law. So that’s a no-go zone for cameras. :frowning:

Yup, can’t argue that.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am thinking like a smart plug.
Is there a amp draw or not if so how big of one. Even count how many times it drops below 1amp. There room for improvement.