Wyze washing machine

Hi I want to have this made by Wyze I really love them to make this and sell it I want a Wyze washing machine since vacuums and robot vacuums are home lifestyle we would want to have a washing machine by Wyze where we could control how long it should wash cloths and automatic control over by the phone to turn off and use to control the time limit also to have it be controlled on the dashboard it would be great to have that

Great idea !! Can Wyze add and attachment to the Wyze robo vac to pick up clothes on the floor, take them to the Wyze washer and insert them before the scheduled start too?

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Okay, we are on a roll here. After the wash is done, can we also have the washer or vac attachment, remove the clothes from the washer, put them in the dryer and turn it on.

Wait, wait, not done yet !! How about after the Wyze dryer is done, remove, sort, fold and hang up the clothes.

I guess I can take them upstairs since the Wyze vac attachment won’t climb stairs yet.

But wait, there’s more!
Why not pick out the clothes to wear for tomorrow based on date and forcast weather (e.g. Green for St Patricks Day, etc).
While the clothes are being folded it needs ti check wear condition, moth holes & current style. The Washer App could automatically order new clothes in line with the current fashion, or with AI could launch a new trend based on Le click , c’est chic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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With all this extra features of the Vac, my biggest/only worry is coming home early one afternoon and catching the Vac wearing my underwear. (I hope its the clean stuff too.)