Suggestion - Add Temperature Sensor

We would greatly benefit from adding a temperature sensor to the camera’s. If it gets above or even below a temperature to get an alert. Maybe similar to your Alarm Settings for Smoke Alarm and CO Alarm sound but for temperature.

Not necessary but would benefit to have.


Totally need this feature. I’m looking at adding a smart thermometer to the nursery, but this would be ideal. Also thinking about just buying one of those Nest remote sensors. Seems like that’s the best option for a) knowing the temperature and b) actually being able to do something about it.

The problem with adding a temperature sensor to the cameras is that the cameras run hot, the temperature would not be accurate


To be accurate it would probably need to be a separate sensor, like the current Wyze Sense ones. Since they’re working on a thermostat, I’m guessing they’ll probably release something like that concurrently, but that’s just a hunch.

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he mentioned that with the thermostat you would be able to monitor many rooms. I believe that means multiple sensors.


Nice. I missed that part of the announcement. In that case, I’ll upgrade my hunch to a logical assumption/virtual inevitability. :slight_smile:


im really curious if the thermostat or the bridge would be the hub. that would be the deciding factor for me.

Edit- in watching the talk about the thermostat again, it turns out he did say the sensors will connect through the thermostat itself :frowning: not exactly something I wanted, but we will see what happens when it’s released. maybe I will end up upgrading after all. he said it will use learning from the Wyze sense kits, so im guessing they are going to be small sensors like the motion sensors. so that’s a good thing.

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Interesting. Depending how they’re made, perhaps it could be either. For example, the thermostat may effectively be able to function as a Sense Hub as well.

I added an edit :slight_smile: it will connect to the thermostat. i just had to watch it again and make sure I had the right info

Right. I saw where you added that. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t connect to the Sense bridge too. They could (theoretically) have the same Sense receiver functionality built into the thermostat itself.

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I currently have a Nest and have it tied with SmartThings and WebCire, basically I have some motion and contact sensors of another brand that tell temps also and I wrote a program in webcore that takes into account all the temps and adjusts the temp accordingly. Google is breaking my ability to do that by removing the Works with Nest program. So I am rear excited for the WYZE version since it will incorporate what I am already doing now and I wont have to write programs to do it.

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ohhhhhh I didn’t think of it having the possibility of a dual connection for those that don’t use the thermostat. that would be an excellent idea as not everyone would want the thermostat.

Yep. And if the thermostat communicates with the sensors in the same way as the existing Sense bridge, Wyze thermostat owners would have the added bonus of being able to use contact sensors and motion sensors without needing the bridge on the camera. (Or it could function as an additional receiver at least, if you need more than one bridge in your house)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I EXPECT this functionality, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it works this way. Since they already have a protocol set up for the other sensors, it seems like the path of least resistance for them to use the same thing on any upcoming sensors.

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Some feedback on my Wyze cam:
It would be handy if the camera had a temperature sensor that displayed with the video.
I would replace several of older webcams made by other manufacturers with your product were it not for the lack of this feature on your Wyze cam V2.