New Wyze thermometer sensor

I just saw the ad for the new room monitor sensor (thermometer/etc) in the App (American).
Any idea when it will be available on the Canadian store?
thanks in advance

also wondering if there will ever be a standalone version that doesn’t require the thermostat that might connect via the remote camera transmitter/receiver or the sense or wifi. A room sensor that could trigger the smart switch and turn on a space heater at a certain temp or when you enter the room would be great!

There are climate sensors that should do what you want. They work thru the Hub.

You can set a Rule that says if the climate sensor senses the temperature is below x, then turn on the Plug that the heater is attached to.

Conversely, if the climate sensor senses the temperature is above xx, then turn off the Plug. :slight_smile:

You can substitute a motion sensor in place of the climate sensor for this. They also connect thru the Hub. In this case you might want to turn off the heater when no motion has been detected for a certain amount of time, or after the Plug has been on a certain amount of time, turning back on the next time motion is detected.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to combine both the motion and climate sensors (control the temperature only when someone is in the room), as the rule system does not allow multiple trigger dependencies.

I suppose a work around is to stack two Plugs. The first one on the wall controlled by the motion sensor, only giving power to the second Plug if you are in the room. The second Plug would then be responsible for keeping the temperature within a certain range.

Great info.
Thanks so much.

Totally missed that climate sensor. Probably because I only have sense v1

I have a v2 cam with the sense v1 usb ‘hub’ plugged into the back of it and some sensors.

I have the remote outdoor camera. And a wyze lock. Both have ‘hubs’.

Is the sense v2 hub a different one again?
So I’d have to get another hub to use sense v2 climate sensor? Or can it connect to one of the other ones ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, unfortunately the V2 sensor Hub is a new device, and not one you own already. That is because it is also the Hub for the Home Monitoring Service (HMS). It is more robust that previous units, and even has a built-in rechargeable battery backup to keep it alive during power outages.

The old V1 sensor ‘hub’ that plugged into a V2 fixed-view or V1 Pan camera was actually called a Bridge, so you should use that term to avoid confusion with the newer offering.

The Outdoor camera’s ‘hub’ is called a ‘Base Station’.

The new HMS Hub will work with your old V1 motion and contact sensors. But the new climate sensor is something the new Hub supports over the old Bridge. So you would need the new Hub.

Unfortunately, they are still bundling the new HMS Hub with an HMS license. But if you don’t need Home Security Monitoring, then you could buy the Hub with a month license, then cancel that license after purchase:

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