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Good morning, Wyze Community! I’m hoping someone can help me out. Currently, I have a problem with my daughter’s room not maintaining temperature. I have been able to regulate it using my wyze switch to operate the ceiling fan (manually through the app) so it doesn’t get too hot or too cold in there. I know there are temperature sensors and thermostats but it wouldn’t work for what I’m trying to achieve because to get her room to temp, it would make our room too hot. Sorry for this long explanation. I’m wondering if it would be possible to purchase a temperature sensor as a stand alone device and program the wyze switch to turn on and off at certain temperatures. This would be extremely helpful if I could do this. If not, what are my other options? Thank you again in advance.

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Do you use Wyze Home Monitoring System HMS? If so, you will have the hub. You can then add the Climate sensors, which is different from the Remote Sensors for the T-Stat, and then set a rule up based on those. Set the Rule up so that if the temp gets to a certain temp turn the fan on and when it drops to a certain temp turn it off.


Thanks for the explanation. I currently do not use the home monitoring as I have a system in place, with a contract. Although, I might have to look into that to see if it makes sense just to be able to do this task. Thanks again for the info. Super helpful.

You can always buy the setup and never activate the HMS. If you do the monthly, you would have to buy the hub. If you do the yearly, you get the hub for free, I believe.

But if you don’t need the service, you can do the monthly and then cancel at your convenience. Then you would have the hub and can get climate sensors

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Thank you again. So I would not need to pay the $9.99 monthly monitoring service to continue to use the sensors with the rules for the wyze switches?

No, you would pay for one month and make sure you cancel. But you will have to buy the hub and whatever sensors you may want.

But make sure you review what you are wanting to do.

I purchased the Yearly plan, but have never activated the Noonlight side. I manually monitor and have added climate, leak, contact, and motion sensors as well.

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Oh in fine with canceling the service after one month. I just want to be sure once the monthly subscription is canceled, that I will still have the ability for the rules to be in place to continue to keep that switch operating within the temperature parameters that I have set.

you will. @R.Good has a hub with no service, maybe he can explain as well.

The only items you will lose is the Keypad and Siren from the hub. I know items connected to the hub, sensor wise will continue to function


Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.

We are checking one thing before you order. I know you cannot get a prorated refund, need to check about monthly for you.

Ok. I haven’t ordered it yet. I just don’t want to pay $10 per month to able to automate her ceiling fan lol

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I understand.


I found out that if you do the monthly plan and cancel before the end of the month you should be ok. There is no Prorating when cancellation happens. Therefore you will pay the month and that is it.

Thanks for the tag @spamoni4.

Unfortunately my secondary hub was purchased during the short window when the hub was being sold without the HMS subscription. My primary hub does have home monitoring.

But, I do have that hub setup without HMS to handle just home automation.

Happy to be of assistance if needed.

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Thank you. So I would have to keep the monitoring service active in order to use it to automate the wyze switch?


You do not. As @spamoni4 mentioned. You will lose the monitoring feature (which you do not need), keypad, and siren. All the sensors still work for rules and automations.

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In addition to what @R.Good mentioned, be sure to cancel the monthly subscription before the month is up. Remember, no prorated refunds.

Also, remember, I pay for a year and still have not activated it with Noonlight and everything is working well.

Thank you both for your help! It is greatly appreciated!