Climate Sensor without Home Monitoring

I’d love to use the climate sensors in my house as I have a 2story house with vaulted ceilings and would like to know the temps upstairs and downstairs and place one sensor outside but…

I don’t want home monitoring. Is there an option (I don’t see one) to buy just hte hub for this purpose and not pay for monitoring?

It looks you can only get the hub if you sign up for a monthly or yearly plan.


Currently you can only get the hub with the home monitoring system. You can wait since Wyze says they will release the new V2 hub and sensors without it or you can buy and sign up for a monthly service and cancel it before the monthly renewal and keep the starter kit. At least that’s how it has been up to now.

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Thank you for the info! I think I’ll hold out for V2. Thanks again.

I want to use the temperature sensor to turn on a fan above 80 degrees that is wired to my Wyze Switch. Can I do this as an event? I also want to turn the fan in for 15 mins every hour. This is in a shipping container. I will need to sign up for monitoring for a month, then quit I guess. Can I buy more than 1 hub when signing up. I also want to play round with the sensors in another building.

Yes. The Climate Sensor would be the trigger in your Wyze Device Trigger rule, the Switch would be the action.

Here are the trigger choices for the Wyze Climate Sensor;

I don’t have the Wyze Switches as I have no neutral wiring, so I am not sure about the scheduling choices that are on the switch itself. You may, however, be able to create a rule similar to that which I run on my Wyze plug to run a circulation fan for 10 minutes every hour (if off for 50min, turn on for 10min):

The only way to buy a stand alone hub is thru the Website in the “Build your own system” option. The subscription is linked to the hub and is automatically included since you get the hub for free with that subscription.

You can’t get a stand alone hub without the annual subscription unless you buy one second hand.

An alternative is to buy the security starter kit at Home Depot that includes the hub and has the free 6 month subscription and never activate it or cancel it before it expires.

That was an insightful and perfectly what I asked for to resolve my needs for a solution, thank you! I am still wondering if I can buy two hubs when I buy the “subscription”. I will look at the cart options.

Not sure if that is going to be possible.

Because Wyze has placed the Hub in it’s “Services” section of the store, the hardware is always tied to the subscription service. And, since the hub is free with the subscription, you only get one with a subscription purchase. I tried to add a second one to an order but the quantity selection was disabled. There is no option to purchase a hub only. Even when they offered the Security Starter Kit, there was still no option for just the hub.

IMO, the Security Starter Kit thru a retailer is still your best option since it comes with a free trial subscription that doesn’t have to be activated or can be cancelled.

Home Depot, WalMart, Amazon