Can's use climate sensor without hub without home monitoring?

Need to monitor temp in chicken coop.
Found I owned a 3 pack of climate sensors.
Tried to add to app.
Said “Hub first”
Okay, I seem to have bought a home monitoring kit at some point, which I never set up.
Took the Hub from that, tried to add to app.
Get as far as “ready to connect” but after hearing “ready to connect” a “white screen” on Wyze app.
So now it appears that Hub won’t connect (this is with Ethernet connection) unless I pay for home monitoring, which I don’t want/need.
So climate sensor useless without subscription to home monitoring?
No other hub will work?

You should be able to set up the hub without home monitoring. Lots of people have done this, and Wyze has started selling the starter packs without requiring a subscription, so it should be possible to do. I do have the subscription and it has been a whlie since I set mine up, so I can’t remember the exact steps. If you record a video of trying to set up the hub on your phone, and post it in here we can give you suggestions on what to do differently so that you can probably set it up.

There are free apps that will let you record your screen as you do it.


Thanks for quick reply. I’ll shoot a video… Weird. Never faced the “white screen problem” before as I’ve set up 100 or so Wyze products.

Go to your wyze account tab and run the firmware update option which should get all the devices you’ve got installed. There were a passal of updates when I just installed mine a few days ago, also remember that each of those devices have a battery if they’ve been sitting in a drawer too long batteries could be dead, the temp sensors use a button cell and some of the others use AAA’s I believe it’s a 2032 which is common in lots of things any drug store should carry them as it’s a hearing aid battery.